Post-election crow is best served cold: The confessions of Elizabeth Hasselback

Flip flop much? The View co-host & McCain campaigner does a 180 degrees on Obama

Flip flop much? The View co-host & McCain-Palin campaigner does a 180 degrees on Obama

For shrill ingenue and right-wing sound-box, Elizabeth Hasselback (nee Filarski), it was the talk show equivalent of taking “the morning after pill” …… or downing some potent nostrum after a sorority binge.

The occasion was the day after Barack Obama’s stunning victory in the presidential election with the vacuous blonde set to eat post election crow after her screechy defense of the McCain/Palin ticket. The issue was not whether she had the right to support or campaign for the McCain/Palin or not, but what sentiments she would express in the wake of a historic election that had unleashed a tidal wave of joy throughout the land. Remember that the unarticulated subtext of this dialogue – even on the level of quasi-entertainment – had always been race; that is when people listen to Elizabeth Hasselback on “The View”, are they just dealing with her so-called conservative views, or are we dealing with something motivated or tinged with race or racism. That is the element that “sub-texturally” places Hasselback in the hot seat with Whoopi, Joyce and Barbara in one corner and Hasselback in the other.
To the credit of Whoopi, Joyce and Barbara they showed a lot of grace in victory; eschewing the adage that crow is best served cold:

Barbara didn’t waste time ribbing Hasselback though. “All eyes are on you,” said Walters turning the Resident Republican on the show. She opened a gusher with that one. Hasselback launched into spin or confessional mode (depending on your view.) Before long she was claiming victory too and declaring that Barack Obama was indeed a gifted man. Out of the mouths of babes indeed ……

Just two quick points of detail:

1.  As if symbolism mattered to anyone beyond her make-believe world, Elizabeth was wearing drab black. Yes she was.  And if you listen carefully you can see that she is tripping all over herself to make her points in the space given her by Barbara.

2. Elizabeth’s response had all the ear-marks of a canned speech, carefully calculated to make her look like  she was celebrating the historicity of Obama’s election and bequeathing to her daughter values of inclusiveness.  If this clip doesn’t show the nakedly manipulative side of Elizabeth Hasselback that was also patently on view when Michelle Obama visited “The View”,  then I don’t know what does.

Check both clips out and be your own judge.  Now concerning the post-election clip, please note that the ABC video below is way clearer than the Youtube one following it:

A-a-h, the loutish shrew, chastized by the prod and prong of circumstance. Amazing to watch. Amazing to watch indeed.

One response to “Post-election crow is best served cold: The confessions of Elizabeth Hasselback

  1. What a difference two years make!!!

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