UFC 91: Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture – Prediction: TKO in round one

It is either Lesnar bouncing Couture off the octagon floor and raining those Cro-Magnon fists on his head till the referee jumps in and stops the fight in the first round or a rope-a-dope match a la Lesnar vs Herring, in which case the odds will favor Couture winning this fight. It’s that simple.

Couture winning this match will prolong the nascent excitement in the heavy weight division and set the stage towards the much drummed up Fedor Emelianenko/Randy Couture match-up.

UFC 91: Tonight’s fight live from Las Vegas 9pm EST and 7pm PST and on pay per view, is the biggest fight in the heavyweight division in a long time, (but as CNN’s Ben Fowlkes rightly points out, its undercard sucks lemons.) Couture, a legend and all-round nice guy cemented his reputation when he showed the chinks in Chuck “the Iceman” Liddell’s armor. This is a guy whose stand-up game is almost as good as his prodigious wrestling skills. On the ground, the Couture will prevail. But first, he will have to weather and survive the hyper-physical barrage of Brock Lesnar; the most formidable athlete the UFC has ever known. Lesnar is to Couture, what Drago was to Rocky: a spectral specimen of near pure physicality. And he has the speed and agility of someone in a much lighter division. Couture has a bigger chance of being seriously hurt or bruised in this fight.

So I am putting my money on Lesnar. TKO in the first round; which is gonna be a real problem for fans forking out $45 for pay per view, given the relative obscurity of the undercard. Dana White should have given more thought to this, but he is as he has always been; a tool.

Renaissance versus Cro-magnon man. Sorry ...

Couture (left) and Lesnar (right)a: Renaissance man versus Cro-magnon man and experience versus youth.

UPDATE: My post stands as is – the way it was posted 8 hours before the fight on 11/15/08. The fight is done. My prediction was right, although I was off by one round. Lesnar won in round two instead of one as I had predicted. What I failed to foresee was just how dull the fight was gonna be. The boys at UFC went too crazy with the hype soup. See my report on that here.

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