The day a nutjob preacher from New York bested David Alan Grier of Chocolate News fame

The nutjob is the Reverend James David Manning, a former toiletry and auto marketing executive turned professional curmedgeon, if not a hatchet man from the fever swamps of Harlem trash. And the David Alan Grier mentioned in the heading is the notable alum from In Living Color who is rocking Comedy Central with Chocolate News, a show described by Grier as what Tavis Smiley would sound like if he was funny. (More on this comedy hat-trick in later posts.)
If truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, then the two videos featured in this blog show that bulging-veins demagoguery can sometimes be funnier than scripted comedy.The video in which Reverend Manning calls “Oh-bama” a “long-legged Mack Daddy” would be ready for prime time, Saturday Night Live style, were it not for its egregious trashing of the bounds of acceptable comedy.

The things he says about Obama’s mother are unrepeatable for reasons that go beyond “PC” sensibilities. Reverend Manning ain’t no Archie Bunker and his comments (beyond what is transcripted in this blog) lack the artistic license of “All In The Family” Bunkerisms.

If Sarah Palin “wrote” her own punchlines for Tina Fey’s get up on Saturday Night Live, then Reverend Manning bested the Alaskan Governor (in the transcripted portion) by a New York mile. The congregation which had a hard time keeping a straight face through it all, seems to confirm this impression. Watch the altar boys standing in behind the Reverend struggle to maintain their composure.

“Oh-bama is a Mack Daddy.
He pimps white women and black women.
He got started. You didn’t notice him
until he brought out those big-chested white women,
with their tight tee-shirts and their short pants.
That is what a pimp does. Oh come on!
You don’t get your campaign started
with a big chested white woman.
She must be a 54D. Double-D.(Audience snicker)
And a pair of white … and a pair of shorts on.
That is what started his campaign.
He put his name on two big 54Ds.(Audience laughter)
Oh-bama! That is where you first saw his name.
That is the first place I saw it – on two big ol’ tits.” (Audience laughter)
Reverend James D. Manning.

The comedy abruptly ends as suddenly as it began with the pastor veering off into a harangue about Obama’s mother and President Bill Clinton. By the end of it, Rev. Manning is firmly ensconced within the lunatic fringe of certifiably senile sexagenarians. For the record,  he believes that Oprah Winfrey is the Anti-christ. And remarks made on his eponymous Manning Report, expose him as nothing but a political hatchet man masquerading as a man of the cloth.  © Cyberaxis – Dendroaspips Polylepis, 2008.

And just for the sheer voyeurism of it, compare the two vids with Alan Keyes here.  He is gonna be an interesting character to watch along with Rev. Manning in the next 4 years.

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