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Tangential Musings On Lobo, The King Of Currumpaw

Somewhere within the story of “Lobo the  King of Currumpaw” by Ernest Thompson Seton, is a tale so epic that not even the effrontery of Seton’s baroque story-telling and juiced up plot lines, could  smother it.

The unadorned story of being and belonging, struggle and sacrifice and a nobility so lofty that not even the  iron traps of Seton’s bought-and-paid-for campaign could contain it,  stands on its own. It transcends  Seton’s well-intentioned ornamentations and casts an imposing spell on the mind. The story of Lobo could have made for a gripping tale had its protagonist turned out to be just a man. The fact that the protagonist turns out to be a four-legged creature ups the ante in ways that are paradigm-shattering .  And the parables that come tumbling out of this tale foment epiphanies that make us question our place in nature and the larger scheme of things.  Not bad for a tale about a loup garou who would not fall for the wiles of weasly ranchers who would kill him by any means necessary.

Lobo the King of Currumpaw

Nobility always exists at a  distance …. a regal distance: Lobo, the loup garou who would become King of Currumpaw proved, once again that true nobility could not be contained; and that within the tales tellers told, the roles of protagonist & antagonist could be switched within the blink of an eye – Seton’s eye, that is. For that please see “The Wolf That Changed America” before the explicatory spoiler.

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