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My mental migration to Apple is almost complete …

I have loaded up on the supplies I need to make the transition to the land that Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne built; a couple of PC laptops with Windows XP to tide me over to the next generation of  Macbooks; the much anticipated2009  laptop and desktop incarnations with Snow Leopard OSX. My two aging PC desktops will not be replaced by anything that runs Microsoft on it. Been there. Done that.

A single block of aluminum.

A single block of aluminum.

Windows Vista was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I would not buy any machine that had Windows Vista on it. I would not cross that craggly line. Remember the eons it took to get Windows XP stable with daily doses of updates and hot fixes by IV. Been there. Done that.

Sans the monopolies and heavy-handed ways, Microsoft is the high tech equivalent of the domestic auto industry. Its penchant for conducting  software research and development on the backs of hapless customers is the epitome of cynicism that should be actionable. I will not be a part of that anymore.

I have consulted my crystal ball. The stars are lining up for Apple. Says John Martellaro of ZDNET:

“Recent presentations from  Microsoft strategists have focused on the Surface input technology and software as a service (SaS). The problem is that neither of these pie-in-the-sky approaches remotely address the needs of users.

Microsoft’s new approach vaguely reminiscent of the days when Mark Andreessen said that Netscape is the OS, no need for Windows. Microsoft may now believe that after all.

“Apple’s strategy, in contrast, recognizes that users not only view content but create it. The faster the desktop client experience is in doing that, the better the overall experience for the user. In fact, Apple’s vision of the desktop as an elegant digital hub has never wavered.” John Martellaro, ZDNET

The next two years  are  gonna represent a watershed epoch in the  Microsoft versus Apple war.  Mark my words.

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