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An Unsung Ode to Selena Quintanilla-Perez, 1971-1995

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An Unsung Ode to Selena Quintanilla-Perez, 1971-1995: An unapologetic celebration of  Selena from an alternate space; a cloistered garden where silences have talismanic powers to heal – CRX

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I have pondered the death of  Selena in the listless hours between remembrance and oblivion and come to the conclusion – the inescapable conclusion – that Selena will live forever because she represented something in all of us that did not die in the weening  hours of March 31st, 1995.

Beyond skepticism, beyond cynicism,
Selena was the incarnation of goodness
That lives,  moves and has its  being amongst men;
The every-woman with the heart of gold
Who refused to see evil until the very end.

Selena Quintanilla-Perez, 15 Years Later – Still “Una Mujer Del Pueblo”: “She never forgot she was Chicana. She never forgot she was Tejana,” ( 15th anniversary celebrant, March 31, 2010)

She will live forever because she represented
the joy of youth  that gives without stinting:

“When she laughed,
she laughed harder
Than anyone I knew.
And when she cried
She cried harder
Than anyone I knew.”
(Christopher Perez)
The one she called
“El amor de mi vida”
To her sister’s
Me mejor amiga,”
Why do words fail?

Por siempre Selena

Throughout her life she sought happiness
And ways to spread it, and reveled in both.
It was never about the music, but life
Unencumbered by the trappings of  fame and fortune.
Selena will always be the plucky little girl  in “Little House on the Prairie,” 
Trippin’ and fallin’  and pickin’ herself up,
Running,  always running towards love.  (Selah)

But WERE there  moments  of shadow and doubt,
Quiet interludes of fear and trepidation
Twixt the montage of a woman-child having a  ball.

Her favorite flower was white.

“Oftentimes the pure white rose
was depicted as being stained by blood,
or made to blush from a kiss.”
(The  History and Meaning of
White Roses, Samantha Green)

Was Selena, beyond the smiles,  in touch with the pall of her impending doom?

Princesa Azteca

Framed by silk  and a singular curl, here she lies,
As beautifully regal in death as she was in life,
Up on this paneled dais in surreal estate;
Intimations of Aztec royalty unsung
The same that came and left us in the  Spring.

Beyond wishing, her soul rests
Within and without like a garden:
And ethereal;
The embodiment of that which remains
Long after time and circumstance
Has swept away the engrams of sorrow and regret,
For in the larger scheme of things
This too shall pass. (Selah)

Selena - Bouquet with Rose - Corpus Christi Caller Times

The now iconic image of Selena taken by Mr. George Gongora of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times on November 14, 1994, a scant 4 ½ months before Selena was killed. The bouquet of flowers had just been given to her following an educational presentation at the Cunningham Middle School in Corpus Christi, TX.

Pass when Selena is born again
(As she already has)
With a bouquet and a smile
that will now remain forever young.

“Smart (lass*), to slip betimes away
From fields where glory does not stay,
And early though the laurel grows
It withers quicker than the rose.”
(*’Lass’ substituted for ‘lad’ in original)

Journey to Corpus – Like  “Journey to Addis

Through rococco bursts of color and artifact
We  squeaked through the eye of the needle and left our hearts in Corpus Christi,
This crusted city by the Nueces, atop the  Rio Grande; our destination
By the bay,
By “Mirador de la Flor
The “Overlook of the Flower
‘Neath the salt showers.

Here she stands
in muted tones of bronze
and a storied laurel.

Selena at Mirador De La Flor

Selena Quintanilla, incandesced by night lights waxing gold at Mirador De La Flor, “The Overlook of the Flower, ‘Neath the salt showers.” Corpus Christi, TX  – arguably the most sentient depiction of Selena’s statue.

Observación: The ordinariness of this memento belies the broadside; the shiver that one feels upon first approach.  Something happened here too  – something which moved heaven and earth beneath this ornamented promenade; the voice the City of Corpus heard above the din “of the madding crowd.” Abraham and Marcella’s little girl now belongs to the ages. The greened bronze belies the moment, but we are here to bear witness:

For here in this cloistered cove by The Bay
We are about to beat an ancient drum,
To an athlete who died  young.

Selena para las edades.

Lake Jackson,
Corpus Christi
Houston Astro.

We go back but return to celebrate the living,
Because that is what Selena did … with her song. CRX

Selena Quintanilla Grave, Seaside Memorial Park, Corpus Christi, TX, Copyright, Texas Tripper, LLT Media Group

Seaside Memorial Park, garden of Selena Quintanilla’s earthly rest in Corpus Christi, TX, a stone’s throw from Corpus Christi Bay & downtown Corpus. (© Texas Tripper, LLT Media Group)

Memorial spectra of Selena .... Like a garden, vital, verdant and ethereal - 1920x1200 PIX

Selena Quintanilla spectral mind space ….. “Like a garden vital, verdant and ethereal; The embodiment of that which remains, Long after time and circumstance, Has swept away the engrams of pain and regret . (Unsung Ode to Selena Quintanilla-Perez, CRX, Cyberaxis)

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México Remembers Selena

Here in this album clip, 10 years after the death of Selena, 15 Mexican stars revisit the scene of collective heartbreak with a musical elegy that proves once again that nothing outside of the human voice can out-wail  the horn and the accordion when it comes to expressing grief. The best track of this comp is this rousing rendition of “No Me Queda Mas” by Palomo. The band pulls off the feat by slowing everything down to a funereal but stately beat (tempo maestoso indeed.)  This stylistic sleight of hand transforms the song,  once about unrequited teen love,  into an anthem of universal longing; a paean to loss untrammeled by flights of fancy …. or romance. As musical hat tricks go, this one ends up being quite stunning.

Album cover of

Stately musical elegy to the late Selena Quintanilla-Perez: Album cover of “Mexico Recuerda a Selena”; definitive minuet of heartbreak.

Following the Google Doodle of October 17, 2017, Selena finally gets  a star of her own, in on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 3, 2017:

Selena Quintanilla, A star of gold in a firmament of her own

And finally a star of gold, in a firmament all of her own: Selena Quintanilla-Perez receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 3, 2017. Post: Unsung Ode to Selena Quintanilla-Perez (Colorized Image Insert by Santi Singuenza, Courtesy, Selena Museum)

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And The Best Die Young: The short life and death of Selena Quintanilla-Perez (CRX)

To An Athlete Dying Young (A.E. Housman, 1859)

Visitors mark anniversary of Selena’s death (Doreen  C.  Bowens – Corpus Christi Caller Times, April 1, 1999)

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.” (Sir Thomas Browne)

“For in him we live and move and have our being.” (St. Paul)

I Wanna Know What Love Is (Lucky Dube)

Now That We Found Love (Third World)

Third World, Journey to Addis, Now That We Found Love - Album Cover Design: Tony Wright

Journey to Corpus – Like Journey to Addis: Third World, Now That We Found Love, Island Records, Album Cover Design: Tony Wright (2288×2448 PIX)


A 23rd Anniversary Musical Dedication: An achingly poignant rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Scaborough Faire” by  The Real Feel’s John Raymond, Gilad Hekselman and Colin Stranahan.  If the link breaks, Google them to Youtube. This song, this rendition happened to be playing on my computer as I was reviewing this post on Selena’s 23 anniversary. R.I.P.

The unrealised promise of Cheick Kongo

UFC 99 put on full display why Cheick Kongo may not make it to the big leagues in UFC. While he is a fearsome Muay Thai striker who clearly distinguished himself against Mirko Cro Crop, his checkered career has suffered from the two-steps-forward-one-step-back syndrome and a one dimensional stand up style that is ill-equipped to deal with the multi-faceted octagon strategy of the best UFC fighters of today. UFC 99 clearly proved it. He was outwitted and out-manhandled by a similarly constituted fighter whom he knocked down twice in that fight.   We just hope that in time Kongo will not exit the way of another of his Parisian compadres, Professor X,  Xavier Foupa-Pokam. Such an exit would just be too sad for a man who came in with an impressive highlight tape and and the high hopes of an expat.

Cheick Kongo:A UFC dream deferred.

Cheick Kongo: An imposing physique but lackluster career. Is this a case of A UFC dream deferred?

See the full UFC 99 fight video here.

The weak conditioning, poor cardio and an inability to think on his feet. It is almost infuriating to watch. One can imagine how hard it is for the trainers in his corner. Against Cain Velasquez (26), Cheick Kongo (34) looked old and spent, the few hard strikes he rocked Velasquez with notwithstanding. The picture of a bloodied, winded Kongo was sadly emblematic of fighter who may not make it up the headliner marquees in UFC. What a waste  for a fighter who came into UFC with tons of great publicity.  Skill may be hard to muster, but there is really no excuse for poor conditioning or weak-ass cardio for a guy with his physical endowments. Being 34 is not good enough of an excuse. (Randy Couture who is all of 46 took that excuse away.)

The same goes for some of the strategic mistakes Kongo makes in the ring. His fight against Velasquez is a classic case (The repeated take-downs by Velasquez, for example, did little to teach Kongo to stay out of clinches with the which led to further take-downs). His fight against Heath Herring was another. Take the first few seconds after the first bell of  UFC 82 against Heath Herring. Kongo’s decision to just stand there in his corner like poser on a Paris  sidewalk as Heath Herring barreled towards him and rocked him, was beyond comprehension! If you can find the video somewhere, check it out and tell us what planet Cheick Kongo was on in those few seconds following the opening “bell”.

Cain Velasquez: Not yet ready for prime-time too …. or Brock Lesnar (Paging the Last Emperor): What this fight also reveals is that Cain Velasquez may not yet be ready for heavyweight prime time. The boiler room whispers about Velasquez vs Lesnar are just silly.  Cain is not even close. At this point in his career he is just is another schoolyard  scrapper with passable ground and pound but just not enough to slaughter the best that Lesnar is. At tthis point in Cain career, he  just does not have enough  stand-up game to survive or withstand mayhem that Lesnar would wreck on the ground. Cain’s 240lbs at 6’1″ is about the same as Frank Mir’s, sans the octagonal experience  that Mir brought to his first fight. Cain, to be frank, would not stand a chance against Lesnar’s 265lbs of corn-fed mayhem. The same applies to Parisian, Cheick Kongo.

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UFC 107: A Better Card Out of the Blue (Cyberaxis)

The Case of the AT&T $10 DSL Plan That Really Never Was: Who is looking out for the small guy here?

This is an infuriating case of corporate chicanery coupled with FCC regulatory complicity. And while you are at it you can also tar and feather the mainstream  media for not taking the blow-torch to the accomplices’ derrieres. (Was it fear of  biting the hand that feeds it – at least as far as the electronic media is concerned?) For the record, here is AT&T’s dossier as fearlessly’s Karl Bode:

“When the FCC allowed AT&T to acquire BellSouth in one of the largest telecom deals ever, the agency enacted a series of wimpy conditions (pdf). Not only were most of the conditions simply for show, but the FCC made it very clear they really had no intention of enforcing them. AT&T was supposed to offer naked or 768kbps $10 DSL for two years after the merger, but skirted around the condition’s purpose by never advertising the services, and making it difficult to order them until people really started complaining. The FCC napped.

AT&T denied obfuscation and tried to claim that nobody really wanted dirt cheap unbundled DSL service anyway. Worse perhaps than the weak and unenforced conditions were the meaningless conditions the FCC knowingly signed off on. Designed more for showmanship than substance, several conditions made consumer advocates, an unskeptical press and inattentive politicians from both parties feel good — but accomplished virtually nothing.” (Karl Bode Broadband DSL Reports)

DSL for the price of a personal pizza and a coke: AT&T has evgidently conspired not give you that - even under the duress of the FCC, or what passes for it.

DSL for the price of a small pizza and a coke: AT&T evidently conspired not give the public this service that it had promised the FCC in exchange for permission to buy out BellSouth in a merger that would have been verboten a few years prior.

Evidence of AT&T  Chicanery: The key page promoting AT&T DSL plans does not show the $10 plan.

Neither does this one:;49475679-7463-41E2-B617-7B5E86D1DDCA

However a “$10 DSL” Search will lead you to this page:

The information about the $10 DSL is tucked within a dense block of unbroken text about 7 lines from the bottom of your screen. As it turns out you have to have a residential phone account and must be a new AT&T and Bell South DSL customer, new being defined as not having possessed their DSL in the last 12 months.

“$10.00 Per Month Basic DSL Offer: For qualifying residential AT&T High Speed Internet customers only. Basic speed ($10.00 per month) available for new customers only. New customer is defined as not having AT&T High Speed Internet or BellSouth High Speed Internet in the past 12 months. Purchase of local service from the applicable AT&T incumbent local exchange carrier required. This is a limited time offer and is only available for AT&T High Speed Internet. Static IP products not included. Speed references based on maximum downstream DSL synch rates and may vary. $150–$200 additional charge will apply if technician install is required or desired. Billing begins on the date service is provisioned by AT&T, even if customer has not yet registered. Service not available in all areas. Subject to change without notice. Maximum speed achieved depends on customer location. Acceptance of Terms of Service required. Taxes and additional fees extra. Other restrictions, including credit restrictions and qualification, apply. Price expires on 12/29/09.”

As indicated the $10 DSL plan is being offered until 12/29/09.  AT&T has not indicated whether it will extend it. Here is an MSNBC cover story soon after news of the deal broke (Notice how charitable they are when it comes to characterizing AT&T’s reluctance to publicize the offer):

Like squeezing water out of a rock: Even downgrading from a $30/month plan to an advertised $20/month plan was not easy. A call to an AT&T service representative/operator did nothing to dispel the notion that AT&T makes it relatively hard for people to downgrade. The AT& representative feigned ignorance when asked about the $20/month plan. She only conceded to it after we indicated that it had been clearly advertised on TV and indicated the web page on which it could be found. The conversation was distressingly eye-opening.

OK, so we know corporations are crooked when it comes to the almighty dollar. The question to the  FCC is: Who is looking out for the little guy?

UFC 100 Postmortem: Brock Lesnar pummels Frank Mir into a bloody mess (Full Video – While it lasts)

“The best lack all conviction,
While the worst are full of passionate intensity.”
(W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming)

Frank Mir was our sentimental favorite, but he just came in just too short (even on conviction) to win this fight tonight. Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, was all business, coming in as he did with the resolve and sangfroid of a fighter who had run a thousand winning scenarios through his head. The live-cams minutes before the fight told an intriguing story; Frank  Mir was kick-sparring with a trainer while Lesnar sat down in his room looking almost bored. As they say back in Texas,  “that one pi’ture” was worth a thousand words.

Reality Check: The doomsday scenario we posted on this morning almost came true. Frank Mir almost got pummeled into oblivion (Full video clip here while it lasts) before the referee stopped the fight at about 1’44” in the second round; something we had also envisioned by way of  blog prediction.

The end was written all over the lop-sided first round. After taking down and mounting Mir in the first round, Lesnar locked Mir’s head against his chest with his left arm while tenderizing Mir’s rib cage and face with those canned hams Lesnar calls fists. It almost ended as an uncanny replay of Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim.

The strength and near total domination of Mir by Lesnar was self-evident, even to  little ol’ ladies watchin’ from rocking chairs in bayou trailer parks.  Mir looked pre-anesthetized like quarry just before a pursuing big cat closes in on it and rips out its guts. Watch how calmly Frank Mir lay beneath Brock Lesnar as the latter pummeled his face and armpit. Strange huh? Mir’s face was a certifiable mess at the end of that first round.

The second round started with a flash of engaging stand-up that saw a momentarily re-energized Mir throwing a short left hand and a couple of gutsy knees at Lesnar before being taken down again for the bloody finale. This time Mir found himself wedged between the cold hard fence and 265lbs of Brock Lesnar. The latter unleashed a punishing barrage of right-handed pummelings as Mir lay trapped beneath him.  Soon Frank started to wink out and the referee, Herb Dean, rightfully jumped in and stopped the fight. Mir was wobbly and clearly disoriented, even up to the time he got up and tried to get into Lesnar’s face with blood dripping down his face. It “war’n’t pretty that pi’ture”.

Stick A Fork In This One: This little rivalry is done. There were no surprises here – at least the second time around. Regardless of how he came into the UFC, Lesnar can now move on. Frank should start thinking of what he needs to do even begin thinking of fighting other androids like Lesnar in the future: namely beef up on pure, functional muscle before attempting to out-freak  freaks. The UFC should take serious note here.  Feeding otherwise good fighters to freak shows  is neither interesting nor a good way to build organizational credibility. Randy Couture was (is) a good fighter. And so is Frank Mir. They just ran into a train named Brock Lesnar.

The Problem With Brock: Be that as it may, the drama following the victory announcement was worth the price of admission. In a rant heard around the world, Lesnar flew off the handle and dissed Budweiser, told the world what he might do to his wife come bedtime and flipped the collective bird at MMA fans. Brock had heard the MMA fan boos from day one and that double bird,  far from being for just the fans at Mandalay Bay, was for MMA fans worldwide; the ones who have loved to hate his guts. As side shows go, this one was pretty intriguing and unlike  scripted WWE disses, this one was heartfelt ….. both ways. MMA fans like July, were so incensed that calling Lesnar a “265 pound body (with the) brain of a five-year old” old was probably the least hurtful thing they could say of him. The Hairless One (Mr. Dana White) was not amused. He reportedly took Lesnar aside for a serious man-to-man talk in the bathroom. Come post-fight conference Lesnar was all smiles and noticeably more civil. He apologized for this post fight conduct and even came in with a Budweiser in hand instead of the Coors Light he had been ranting about. (Budweiser is one of the UFC sponsors.)

What the hell is Brock on?

A flying banzai finale for the good ol' US of A: Dan Henderson delivers a cathartic coup de grace after a Hail Mary knocked the petulant Brit out cold.

A flying banzai finale for the good ol' US of A: Dan Henderson delivers a cathartic coup de grace after a Hail Mary right hand knocked the petulant Brit out cold.

Never Believe The Hype: With one exception, UFC 100 failed to live up to its pre-fight hype, courtesy Joe  Rogan and company. And that exception was Henderson’s spectacular knock-out of the pesky Bisping with a Hail Mary right hand and banzai finish, as he mouthy Brit lay motionless on the canvas. It was a cathartic and later controversial finish to an otherwise staid two rounds which saw the workman-like Californian throw right-handed bombs that missed their mark 99% of the time. But perceptive fans knew it was just a matter of time before one of Henderson’s scuds landed. When it did, the stadium erupted the way it would have had Frank Mir knocked the head off of Brock Lesnar.

Bisping was so out cold that when he came to he appeared to be saying “Where am I? What day is it?” ;).  See Henderson knock out Bisping at MMA Hits here (while the video still exists). Then check out the gory pics of UFC 100 here under “Wild nights of fights at UFC.

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UFC 100 – The New Caveat: Frank Mir could get seriously hurt

Of the many possibilities floating out there in the waning hours before UFC 100 is a sobering one: Frank Mir could get seriously hurt. Far from being idle speculation, this is a possibility that is more probable than the other way round; that is Brock Lesnar getting seriously hurt at the hands of Frank Mir.  And as crass as it might sound, this is one eventuality book-makers may be willing to put some money on.

“My striking’s not bad either,” he said. “That’s a big SOB (Lesnar weighed in at 265 but will be rehydrated to around 280 at fight time; Mir weighed in at 245). Those are big canned hams coming at your head. I don’t care how good you are. That’s a lot of man and a lot of strength to go toe-to-toe with. You’ve got to try to tie him up and get inside his punches to deal with him. I still think it’s a bad idea no matter how good you are to just stand in front of a guy that big.” (Randy Couture to Mike Chiappeta, MMA Fan House)

Cut Android: Brock Lesnar can inflict some serious damage.

Cut Android: Brock Lesnar can inflict some serious damage.

So the caveat for Frank Mir as he steps into that octagon is to be careful (as much as a fighter who is trying to blow another fighter’s head off can be.) In this connection the standing advice to the referee would be to be as on top of the fight as Steve Mazzagati was on the last one. The only fact mitigating this doomsday scenario is Brock Lesnar’s relative inability to fully deploy his brutish strength. But even with that, he is still a freak of nature that relatively weaker fighters need to look out for.

Just a few final thoughts in these, the waning hours before UFC 100.

Update: Please check out:

UFC 100 Post Mortem – Brock Lesnar Pummels Frank Mir into a bloody mess (Full fight video – While it lasts)

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UFC 100: Will Mir vs Lesnar II be a great fight?

Everyone is betting and banking on Brock Lesnar beating the snot out of Frank Mir come July 11, 2009, but nobody is talking about whether the fight will be a great fight. We think not. In terms of the size and weight differential, this fight might as well be entitled “neighborhood bully bounces the local paper boy”.  Couture vs Lesnar had the same lopsided tale-o’-tape stats.

Don’t Believe The Hype: The sizzle  coming out of UFC Central is all fabricated hype. Joe Rogan and Dana White have to sell as many tickets as they can. Don’t believe the hype. The only time this fight will turn remotely interesting is if  Frank Mir wins – which would be an accidental thriller after the fact. (But even that could turn into a frigging dud too, depending on how Mir would have done it.)

The odds of this fight being great are middling to nil - unless of course Mir pulls off another upset.

The odds of this fight being great are middling to nil - unless of course Mir pulls off another upset.

The reason why a Mir surprise win would spice things up has to do with the 30/70% odds against Mir; which makes him the certified underdog.  If Frank Mir wins, as he quite possibly may, the Mandalay Bay arena will erupt into organized mayhem and a millions of  MMA fans watching at home will snort their Root Beer along with their partly masticated nachos. ( Paper boy bounces up neighborhood bully!)

The overwhelming force that Lesnar unleashed against Mir at the beginning of the first round of UFC 81 makes a Lesnar victory a foregone conclusion. In that sense a Lesnar victory would not make for any exciting news breaks. (Neighborhood bully bounces local paper boy.)  Given the speed and agility  Lesnar has already demonstrated, that 25lb weight  and size difference is gonna be too hard for Mir to overcome.

On Being Like Lyoto: On second thoughts we think Mir could benefit a little by taking a coupla pages out of the Lyoto Machida playbook, but that is easier said than done. Frank Mir is no Lyoto Machida and Lyoto Machida has never faced a brute like Brock Lesnar. But having said that, fleet-footed evasiveness while delivering punishing leg kicks and (where safe) pin-point blows to the head may be Mir’s best chance of surviving rounds one and two, (if the fight goes that far.) Round three would be a time to go for broke by closing the gap and taking his chances with submitting the beast. If Mir brings questionable toughness or weak-ass cardio, it will be over before it has even begun.

Of Brock Lesnar & Sir Charles: Brock Lesnar reminds us a lot of another  athlete from a different sport: Sir Charles Barkley. Both are physically imposing athletes with a skill quotient that gives their physical prowess a run for its money. But there is a downside to being Yokozuna in a sport that glorifies speed, agility and Michael Jordanesque skill.

Call Your Balls: (Otherwise what’s the fun?) We are calling this fight for Lesnar by a referee stoppage in the first or second round. But our sentimental favorite to win this by a submission in the first or third round, is Frank Mir. A knockout would be nice, but we are no dreamers.

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Sarah Palin: The Vacuousness Has Returned (And with a vengeance)

There is a key to figuring out Sarah Palin, and it has more to do with her over-weening ambition than anything else. From her first run for mayor of  Wasilla to her ill-fated acceptance of John McCain’s indecent proposal, Palin is driven by ambition that is as impervious to reason as it is to pain. The basketball tournament in which she played with a fractured limb may have been more  instructive of her modus vivendi than at first thought.

Sarah Palin in Tina Fey form on eve of Independence Day 2009. A not totally surprising way to exit what had become the small stage of Alaskan politics. Photo: AP - The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman-Robert Deberry

Sarah Palin in Tina Fey form on eve of Independence Day 2009. A not totally surprising way to exit what had become the small stage of Alaskan politics. Photo: AP - The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman-Robert Deberry

Sarah’s ambition is like a giant stellar body that warps everything around it,  her judgment included. It warped her judgment when John McCain, as the Grand Sugar Daddy of election 2008 popped the question, and she breathlessly said yes. It is again warping her judgment as she most probably contemplates running for president under her own power in 2012 after resigning the governorship of Alaska, 16 months before the end of her term. There is a simple explanation to all of this.

After a little taste of national attention under John McCain, no local politics or politicos could deliver what the Grand Poobah could have; i.e Washington on a necklace.  Given the seductive possibilities of life on the political “A list” and the possibility of running for President in 2012 or 2016, the prospect of returning to her old moose-hunting grounds must have been as appealing as doing dishes after a night at the opera. And to add insult to injury, the public scrutiny and media grind had never let up after her return to Juneau, Alaska.

Once Upon A Night In Phoenix: One has to go back to the night of November 4, 2008 to understand how traumatized Palin was,  not only by the loss of her chance to be Vice President, but also by the decision of John McCain and staffers to not buck tradition and let her speak after his Phoenix concession speech. The visual cues were on naked display. Palin perked up and fought back  visible tears when John McCain thanked her for contributions to the campaign and graciously suggested that she had a future in Republican Party and national politics.  Its not much of a stretch to think that Palin would have wanted to put her own spin on the debacle … with a most probable eye towards the future.  Its equally not much of a stretch to think that this was probably the most difficult day of  her run with John McCain because everything came together in that ten minute concession speech: The doubts about her and the rumors and innuendos that she had cost the old man his presidential bid.

John McCain looked frail, tired and touchingly human as he hobbled over to the edge of the stage to shake the hands with staffers and supporters. Sarah Palin was never the same after that November night. The decision to be “her own man” and run for President  in 2012 could have very well been made that night. And after the adrenaline  of national politics,  going back to Juneau, AK must have felt anticlimactic.  Could she sustain the governance of the state beyond the act of going through the motions?

The Day Before Independence Day: So from that long perspective, the resignation from the Alaska governorship, came as no surprise. Ditto the announcement she made on July 3rd  from her home in Wasilla. It was typical Palin in its rambling, self-serving and disingenuous tone.  But given the substance of what she was doing, what could she have possibly said?  “After the jolt of national politics, running Alaska with detractors snipping at my heels sucks?  Fat chance.  A Republican operative aptly described her speech as incoherent. The political assessment behind that description was spot on.

The reasons Palin gave for summarily resigning from the governorship sound disingenuous to all except the most Kool Aid-addled supporters. The delivery was vintage Palin as channeled by Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey. And on a subconscious level Palin’s red top reminded viewers of another one of her disastrous showings; the interview with Katie Couric in which her folksy quips, not to mention befuddled pauses (in which the perceptive could hear her mental flywheels spinning) did little to carry the day.

Palin rambled for a full 12 minutes before making the first statement about why she was had called the press conference in the first place: her decision to resign from the governorship by July 26 after ostensibly after deciding not to run for re-election in 2010.

Getting to the essence of her speech involved something akin to using a juicer on an orange.  Here is what we got:

1. I am resigning because it is the right thing for Alaska …. and my family.

2. I am resigning because the cost of defending attacks from my detractors is draining state resources. The press has been digging dirt on me since I was nominated to run with John McCain on August 29, 2008.

3.  I am resigning because governing as a lame duck governor is neither fun nor effective. It is “apathetic”.

4. I am resigning so I can be free to effect change from the outside.

Final Word: In the depressurized milieu following the presidential  election of 2008, Palin’s critics are coming from all quarters. The more note-worthy digs are coming from Republican operatives who realize what a polarizing force she could be  going into the 2012 election.  Most Democrats are chortling at the possible Nader effect Palin may bring to bear on the electorate. Meanwhile Saturday Night’s Tina Fey has just garnered more job security than she ever dream of.

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