UFC 100: Will Mir vs Lesnar II be a great fight?

Everyone is betting and banking on Brock Lesnar beating the snot out of Frank Mir come July 11, 2009, but nobody is talking about whether the fight will be a great fight. We think not. In terms of the size and weight differential, this fight might as well be entitled “neighborhood bully bounces the local paper boy”.  Couture vs Lesnar had the same lopsided tale-o’-tape stats.

Don’t Believe The Hype: The sizzle  coming out of UFC Central is all fabricated hype. Joe Rogan and Dana White have to sell as many tickets as they can. Don’t believe the hype. The only time this fight will turn remotely interesting is if  Frank Mir wins – which would be an accidental thriller after the fact. (But even that could turn into a frigging dud too, depending on how Mir would have done it.)

The odds of this fight being great are middling to nil - unless of course Mir pulls off another upset.

The odds of this fight being great are middling to nil - unless of course Mir pulls off another upset.

The reason why a Mir surprise win would spice things up has to do with the 30/70% odds against Mir; which makes him the certified underdog.  If Frank Mir wins, as he quite possibly may, the Mandalay Bay arena will erupt into organized mayhem and a millions of  MMA fans watching at home will snort their Root Beer along with their partly masticated nachos. ( Paper boy bounces up neighborhood bully!)

The overwhelming force that Lesnar unleashed against Mir at the beginning of the first round of UFC 81 makes a Lesnar victory a foregone conclusion. In that sense a Lesnar victory would not make for any exciting news breaks. (Neighborhood bully bounces local paper boy.)  Given the speed and agility  Lesnar has already demonstrated, that 25lb weight  and size difference is gonna be too hard for Mir to overcome.

On Being Like Lyoto: On second thoughts we think Mir could benefit a little by taking a coupla pages out of the Lyoto Machida playbook, but that is easier said than done. Frank Mir is no Lyoto Machida and Lyoto Machida has never faced a brute like Brock Lesnar. But having said that, fleet-footed evasiveness while delivering punishing leg kicks and (where safe) pin-point blows to the head may be Mir’s best chance of surviving rounds one and two, (if the fight goes that far.) Round three would be a time to go for broke by closing the gap and taking his chances with submitting the beast. If Mir brings questionable toughness or weak-ass cardio, it will be over before it has even begun.

Of Brock Lesnar & Sir Charles: Brock Lesnar reminds us a lot of another  athlete from a different sport: Sir Charles Barkley. Both are physically imposing athletes with a skill quotient that gives their physical prowess a run for its money. But there is a downside to being Yokozuna in a sport that glorifies speed, agility and Michael Jordanesque skill.

Call Your Balls: (Otherwise what’s the fun?) We are calling this fight for Lesnar by a referee stoppage in the first or second round. But our sentimental favorite to win this by a submission in the first or third round, is Frank Mir. A knockout would be nice, but we are no dreamers.

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