UFC 100 Postmortem: Brock Lesnar pummels Frank Mir into a bloody mess (Full Video – While it lasts)

“The best lack all conviction,
While the worst are full of passionate intensity.”
(W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming)

Frank Mir was our sentimental favorite, but he just came in just too short (even on conviction) to win this fight tonight. Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, was all business, coming in as he did with the resolve and sangfroid of a fighter who had run a thousand winning scenarios through his head. The live-cams minutes before the fight told an intriguing story; Frank  Mir was kick-sparring with a trainer while Lesnar sat down in his room looking almost bored. As they say back in Texas,  “that one pi’ture” was worth a thousand words.

Reality Check: The doomsday scenario we posted on this morning almost came true. Frank Mir almost got pummeled into oblivion (Full video clip here while it lasts) before the referee stopped the fight at about 1’44” in the second round; something we had also envisioned by way of  blog prediction.

The end was written all over the lop-sided first round. After taking down and mounting Mir in the first round, Lesnar locked Mir’s head against his chest with his left arm while tenderizing Mir’s rib cage and face with those canned hams Lesnar calls fists. It almost ended as an uncanny replay of Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim.

The strength and near total domination of Mir by Lesnar was self-evident, even to  little ol’ ladies watchin’ from rocking chairs in bayou trailer parks.  Mir looked pre-anesthetized like quarry just before a pursuing big cat closes in on it and rips out its guts. Watch how calmly Frank Mir lay beneath Brock Lesnar as the latter pummeled his face and armpit. Strange huh? Mir’s face was a certifiable mess at the end of that first round.

The second round started with a flash of engaging stand-up that saw a momentarily re-energized Mir throwing a short left hand and a couple of gutsy knees at Lesnar before being taken down again for the bloody finale. This time Mir found himself wedged between the cold hard fence and 265lbs of Brock Lesnar. The latter unleashed a punishing barrage of right-handed pummelings as Mir lay trapped beneath him.  Soon Frank started to wink out and the referee, Herb Dean, rightfully jumped in and stopped the fight. Mir was wobbly and clearly disoriented, even up to the time he got up and tried to get into Lesnar’s face with blood dripping down his face. It “war’n’t pretty that pi’ture”.

Stick A Fork In This One: This little rivalry is done. There were no surprises here – at least the second time around. Regardless of how he came into the UFC, Lesnar can now move on. Frank should start thinking of what he needs to do even begin thinking of fighting other androids like Lesnar in the future: namely beef up on pure, functional muscle before attempting to out-freak  freaks. The UFC should take serious note here.  Feeding otherwise good fighters to freak shows  is neither interesting nor a good way to build organizational credibility. Randy Couture was (is) a good fighter. And so is Frank Mir. They just ran into a train named Brock Lesnar.

The Problem With Brock: Be that as it may, the drama following the victory announcement was worth the price of admission. In a rant heard around the world, Lesnar flew off the handle and dissed Budweiser, told the world what he might do to his wife come bedtime and flipped the collective bird at MMA fans. Brock had heard the MMA fan boos from day one and that double bird,  far from being for just the fans at Mandalay Bay, was for MMA fans worldwide; the ones who have loved to hate his guts. As side shows go, this one was pretty intriguing and unlike  scripted WWE disses, this one was heartfelt ….. both ways. MMA fans like July, were so incensed that calling Lesnar a “265 pound body (with the) brain of a five-year old” old was probably the least hurtful thing they could say of him. The Hairless One (Mr. Dana White) was not amused. He reportedly took Lesnar aside for a serious man-to-man talk in the bathroom. Come post-fight conference Lesnar was all smiles and noticeably more civil. He apologized for this post fight conduct and even came in with a Budweiser in hand instead of the Coors Light he had been ranting about. (Budweiser is one of the UFC sponsors.)

What the hell is Brock on?

A flying banzai finale for the good ol' US of A: Dan Henderson delivers a cathartic coup de grace after a Hail Mary knocked the petulant Brit out cold.

A flying banzai finale for the good ol' US of A: Dan Henderson delivers a cathartic coup de grace after a Hail Mary right hand knocked the petulant Brit out cold.

Never Believe The Hype: With one exception, UFC 100 failed to live up to its pre-fight hype, courtesy Joe  Rogan and company. And that exception was Henderson’s spectacular knock-out of the pesky Bisping with a Hail Mary right hand and banzai finish, as he mouthy Brit lay motionless on the canvas. It was a cathartic and later controversial finish to an otherwise staid two rounds which saw the workman-like Californian throw right-handed bombs that missed their mark 99% of the time. But perceptive fans knew it was just a matter of time before one of Henderson’s scuds landed. When it did, the stadium erupted the way it would have had Frank Mir knocked the head off of Brock Lesnar.

Bisping was so out cold that when he came to he appeared to be saying “Where am I? What day is it?” ;).  See Henderson knock out Bisping at MMA Hits here (while the video still exists). Then check out the gory pics of UFC 100 here under “Wild nights of fights at UFC.

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