Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze: An Old Chestnut Done In Technicolor

I never liked “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix until I heard a cover of it on “In From The Storm” – an all-star tribute  with good ol’ Buddy Miles flipping a vocal behind a trip-hopped beat and a full orchestra. If you are someone who never liked the thump-thump-chunk-chunk vibe of the original version, you should definitely check this one out. There is mercurial gold behind that ol’ chestnut,  thanks to good ol’ Billy and the genius of the conceptualizer/arranger who is not specifically mentioned in the CD liner notes.

Jimi Hendrix, trip-hop and strings. Who would have thunk?

The personnel features Buddy Miles on lead and background vocals – the man who distinguished himself with a free-wheeling vocal chants  on “Who Knows” and “Them Changes”.

The legendary Bootsy Collins is featured on bass, drum loops and effects as well as background vocal. Bernie Worrell play clavinet and D.D. plays rhythm guitar. Michael Hill plays guitar and Steve Lukather lights up this mother with his guitar solos. Dennis Chambers plays drums.

The cut was recorded at Jimi’s  Electric Lady Studios in New York by Eddie Kramer & Joe “Primo” Pirrera with additional recording at Bootzilla Productions. The lush orchestral arrangements were done by Bernie Worrell and the recording was done at the Martin Erskine Studio, in New York.

The full  “Purple Haze” clip that was at imeem has since been moved. We will post one as soon as we locate it.


Hendrix's "Purple Haze" in authentic technicolor: An old gem from an old master ... buffed and polished.

Hendrix's "Purple Haze" in authentic technicolor: An rough gem from an old master ... buffed, polished and left to glisten in the sun. A definite must listen ...

And for good measure, here is Buddy Miles, flipping a vocal on “Them Changes” like it was going out of style (Fillmore East, NY,  New Year’s eve 1969-70)

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