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The Bane of Media Usage: Unrelenting commercialism interrupted by useful tid-bits of information, is still there but there is something to be said for "free" TV, news, movies & documentaries that that one can get through the magic of the world wide web. The computer as your own personal console to the world of "free" content, as in non-subscription, is a revolutionary concept that for-profit cable companies don't like to think about much.

The internet and the erosion of subscription TV, cable and associated media

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Appendix: The internet and the erosion of subscription TV, cable and associated media

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“After Israel, Australia is the country with the highest percentage of immigrants in the world. A quarter of the population originates in other countries. Almost half the population is of Asian descent in the big urban centers. Most of them are young and well-educated. They are a new type of immigrant, able to fit in anywhere in Australia and around the world.”  (Link TV)

Frank Mir needs to learn to keep his mouth shut

Frank Mir’s win against chiseled Parisian, Cheick Kongo, at UFC 107 last night was impressive, but Frank’s trash talking prior to the fight took  more from his win than Kongo’s status as a fighter whose career seems to be on the wane.  The post-fight conciliatory gestures did little  take away the  sour-taste-in-the-mouth following the pre-fight acrimony.  It does not matter that Frank’s analysis of Kongo’s talents or lack thereof, was spot on. There is trash talking and then there is trash talking.  The fact that the normally reticent Kongo took particular umbrage to it just put an exclamation point to this particular spat. (See how Kongo turned his back to Frank at the weigh-in.) There is a certain unwritten science and art to it as Mir found out in the Brock Lesnar affair.

The unnecessary trash talking against Kongo placed Frank in the unenviable position of being “the jerk” who won; which is an odd position for a man who used to be Mr. Nice. After all the trash talking, there was very little room for the kind of inspirational speech-making he gave after  knocking off Big Nog,  Antonio Nogueira at UFC 92.

The  role of the trash-talking “heel” for Mir  is as ill-fitting as a “gi” on Yokozuna. Please note that the trash-talking started around the time Mir’s career had become stagnant.  And prior to UFC 107 last night, his mouth was running more than a broken  toilet bowl. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

(The fabricated bad blood, such as the ballyhooed one between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans) is the kind of crap the UFC needs to stay away from lest it begins to manifest hereditary genes of the WWE bloodline. (UFC 107: A better card out of the blue – Cyberaxis)

Standing Caveat: This is not your little brother’s WWE: And it cannot be all light-hearted ribbing when your opponent takes umbrage at your talk and bashes your face in a few more times  a la Brock Lesnar or Dan Henderson in the case of the pesky Michael Bisping. The only exception to the rule about trash talking is when you have fighters who choose trash talking as part of their persona. Mir did not start off this way, hence our dismay at this insidious drift which  leaves him in no-man’s land because Mir is not an avowed heel.

Those who defend this trend as a way to drum publicity should think of the WWE and the fact that its recessive genes may find bothersome expression in UFC culture.

Bloodied Mir at UFC 100

Cyberaxis to Frank Mir: Shut the fuck up and remember this UFC 100 drubbing every time you try to open your mouth. (Photo by Associated Press)

As for Frank, he in the interim,  needs to decide whether his spiel is gonna veer more towards comedy which is pardonable or the-walk-the-talk realism which is permissible only if he can walk the talk. In the months and weeks prior to UFC 100, it veered  more towards comedy and the people  who were disinclined to cut him some slack forgave him because his life was clearly on the line.

Be that as it may,  the trash talking against Lesnar, following Mir’s drubbing at UFC 100, created a monumental  PR/image problems for the UFC veteran. There was some justifiable sense,  pari passu, that Mir’s merciless drubbing and Lesnar’s over-the-top celebration was Mir’s deserved comeuppance. Yes, there are people who withheld sympathy for Mir because of his taunting of Lesnar.

If Frank wasn’t such an insecure prick, he’d be very likable. He’s very good on the WEC as a analyst, but once you put an opponent in front of him, he becomes a tool. What’s funny is that he seems to fluctuate between the insecure toolishness and genuine goodness that he possesses. During the Countdown show, he said Kongo’s striking was mediocre. Then at the pre-fight presser today, he says that he’s a great striker and that he will look to take the fight to the ground. Very interesting guy, he just needs to realize that he’s a great fighter and doesn’t need to mask his insecurities with cockiness. (Spirona, Reader Comments, Five Ounces of Pain 12/10/09)

Mir should resolve to zip it up at this point and let his fighting do the talking, unless he wants to become “the  Lesnar of the mouth” – which is really representative of the failure of inner PR.

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The Trouble With Frank Mir: Divergent ways of dealing with post fight trauma (Cyberaxis)

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Cheick Kongo Loss At UFC 107: Anatomy of a career in decline

Losing to Frank Mir at UFC 107 came as no surprise. However doing so in 1:12″ flat,  after a vicious knockdown at 46 seconds which resulted in a rear naked choke,  sure came as a bit of a surprise. And if you wanna talk about adding insult to injury, here it is: Frank Mir who had been running his mouth may have, with that summary win,  succeeded at “handing Cheick Kongo his walking papers.” Just like he said. Just like he said. There was no poetic justice when it was needed most. But we digress.

Cheick Kongo UFC 107 Weigh-in - Pic Dave Mandel

Cheick Kongo – A painful study in contrasts between promise and performance, appearance and action and form and function. Is it too late for the chiseled Parisian? We hope not. (Picture: Dave Mandel)

With that loss, Cheick Kongo’s UFC record since  UFC 61 – Bitter Rivals on 7/8/06,  stands at 7 wins and 4 losses. That is a loss rate of more than half of his matches in the UFC – not a stellar record by any measure. It looks terminally dismal when one considers the promise that Kongo – a formidable specimen of chiseled  physicality with an equally impressive highlight reel – brought to the UFC. The fact that he is 34 and counting throws a rather sobering shadow onto the whole scenario.

Cheick Kongo’s overall record, inclusive of his pre-UFC fights is 14-6-1. While this recasts his situation, it also shrouds it against a more realistic assessment of a career that seems to be in decline since  UFC 82 (Pride of a Champion) against Heath Herring on 3/1/08.

Fact: with the exception of Mirko Cro Cop in  UFC 75, Kongo has not fared well against UFC stalwarts like Herring, Velasquez or Mir.  Sure, following UFC 82,  he did score wins against Dan Evensen, Mostapha Al Turk and Antoni Hardonk, but these were fighters with non-stellar records, at least by UFC standards.

Reflections on Cheick Kongo’s Career: One’s intuitive assessment of Kongo’s career would make one lean towards the conjecture that this was perhaps a man who started his fighting career late. But no, if reports are to be believed, Kongo started training in Kendo and Karate at the tender age of five.  His career record prior to UFC was marginal with slightly more wins than loses.  In UFC it hasn’t really changed with the exception that the losses are beginning to edge the wins, and the big momentum in more recent fighters with UFC stalwarts has been zero.  So what that means is that he is really fighting his way down the ladder.

Remember that Cheick Kongo was at one time whispered to be a top prospect against Brock Lesnar on top of Kongo’s own kvetching about how Lesnar had gotten a title shot “so fast” when there were other fighters who had been in the UFC longer than him.  My! how quickly things change. Kongo would neither want to see that clip of himself re-broadcast live or face a healthy Lesnar who would want to take him at his word.  The Brock Lesnar who re-arranged Frank Mir’s face in no time flat would kill Kongo. Plain and simple.

Some Painful Conclusions: Given the facts of Kongo’s career to date one can draw a few conclusions, some tentative and others not so.

1. Kongo is actually not as strong as he looks.

2. In the ring, he appears stiff and punches without the snap that delivers mondo power to an opponent’s face. (Snapping multiplies  a striker’s power.)

3. He has very poor perception, strike defense and a weak chin for such a strong looking dude.

4. His ground game is pathetic (His tussle with Gilbert Yvel was hilariously pathetic. We don’t know what was more laughable, the fighters’ performance or the the so called experts commentary.)

2. He tends to lack stamina, relative to his opponents.

3. He lacks to ability to adapt  to his opponents and think on his feet. As a result of the latter, he makes poor decisions. His decision to just stand in his corner there posturing while the Texas Crazy Horse barreled on his “vogueing”  ass was as puzzling as anything we have ever seen in MMA. Ditto his decision to repeatedly try and take down Roy Nelson when that tack was barely working.

Is it too late for Cheick Kongo to reinvent himself?  We hope not, but time may not be on his side.

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UFC 107: A Better Card Out of the Blue (Partial Results Update)

Sometimes the best cards come out of lack of contrivance on the part of the UFC. Take the headlining clash between B.J. Penn and Diego Sanchez for example; it is better in every way than the manufactured  hype that was supposed to be the shits between Quinton “Mr. T. for 5 minutes” Jackson and Rashad “Machida sang me a lullaby” Evans. The latter is the kind of crap the UFC needs to stay away from lest it begins to manifest hereditary genes of the WWE bloodline. That fight was just not interesting on so many levels. But we digress.

Penn vs Sanchez is a match-up that promises more substance and real fireworks on so many levels. We would watch this anytime. We are sticking with Penn on this one. Our call: a Penn win via a knock-down which culminates in a TKO or submission by round 3. Sanchez may be the night-stalker terror, but he is not yet ready for B.J. prime-time.

Do Not Discount Kongo: The other interesting match-up is between Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo: two guys who cannot afford to lose another match running. A loss on either resume (read that record) would look really bad besides portending a career in decline. There’s something immeasurably painful about these moments and anyone who does not feel them sympathetically should have their heart checked out.

Frank Mir needs a win bad to replenish depleted levels of testestorone after the merciless by Brock Lesnar at UFC 100 and Cheick Kongo needs to show why being and expat fighter is worth his or the UFC’s  time after an extremely poor showing against Cain Velasquez in UFC 99. Kongo looked old and spent in that fight, and there are no acceptable excuses for poor stamina and strength for a buck built like him. Cain, on his part, is not yet ready for prime-time, despite protestations to the contrary, and losing to him was not a good sign for Cheick Kongo. Based on this we would say Kongo needs a win perhaps more than Frank Mir tonight, but Frank Mir is not gonna make it an easy job for him.

The fight will most probably go the distance with the win going to Frank Mir by a unanimous decision. However there is a chance that this fight may end quickly in the first or second round if Kongo strikes find a lucky mark. Discount this possibility at your own risk.

Mir vs Kongo weigh-in (Photo: Dave Mandel)

A win by Kongo would be poetic justice for a Mir who has lost his gentlemanly mojo. The latter's trash talk has ceased to amuse. Think Brock Lesnar of the mouth. Case closed. (Photo by Dave Mandel)

Update: 11/12/09, 11.30pm

Frank Mir pulled a win in spectacular fashion over Parisian fighter, Cheick Kongo 1:12″ flat with a rear naked choke that almost left Kongo unconscious. Whether this spectacular win was a result of Mir’s improvement of Kongo’s deterioration will be up for debate in the coming weeks.

We gave Kongo a striker’s chance of landing the big one but that did not come close to seeing the light of day after Mir landed a big strike that brought the muscular Parisian down at 46 seconds into the opening round. After that it was countdown to lights out. Oi vei!

B.J. Penn’s  win over Diego Sanchez was not a surprise. What was a surprise was the amount of damage he inflicted on the nervy fighter. The gash he opened over Sanchez’s left eyebrow with a kick to the head in the fifth round did more damage than the doctors could stomach. The referee called a stoppage to the fight right there but that was the culmination of tremendous punishment Penn had inflicted on the challenger from the opening bell. In certain ways it  was reminiscent of G.S.P vs Thiago Silva.

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The Unrealised Promise of Cheick Kongo (Cyberaxis)

Seven Foods Experts Won’t Eat by Liz Vacariello: A Short Review

In the food as in the health industry, profit can have a subversive effect on the health of the people. Yes, there is a place for healthy skepticism when it comes to the motives of the food and health industries around profit and where they put the health of the public in the hierarchy of things.  On this score, food production and processing is one area in which the buyer needs to look out for himself. Beyond certain broad regulatory parameters the industry looks out for the number one named profit after grabbing our elected reps by  the short hairs through greasy lobbyists.

That leaves the consumer to fend for himself. While cost of organically produced food is currently an inhibiting factor, it behooves the consumer to put the ultimate price tag on his or her health. Voting with one’s feet aided by creative alternatives is a way to start moving the needle in the right direction.

In this connection the article by Liz Vacariello of PREVENTION magazine makes  a very interesting read. People might be skeptical about her motivations or way of looking at the food industry and consumer health, but they should not entertain that to the point of throwing out the proverbial baby with the bathwater for reasons aforementioned.

What I find surprising is that she limited herself to just seven foods.  There is no way this list covers the entire list of foods that should be besmirched. Yes, the problems she adumbrates points to a bigger problem of the environment modern society is creating, but that should not stop people from minimizing the effects by taking small, finite steps. A cursory perusal of the food list shows that there about two or three that one can drop without breaking a sweat:

The Seven Foods Experts Won’t Eat:

1. Canned Tomatoes (Culprit: bisphenol-A, a synthetic estrogen in resin linings of tin cans)

2. Corn-fed beef (Culprit: Low nutrition, high fat and inflammatory Omega6s)

3.  Microwave popcorn (Culprit: Disease causing perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the lining of the bag)

4.  Non-organic potatoes (Culprit: herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides absorbed from soil)

5.  Farmed salmon (Culprits: Low levels of vitamin D and high levels of contaminants,  carcinogens, PCBs, brominated flame retardants, and pesticides such as dioxin and DDT)

6.  Milk produced with artificial hormones (Culprits: Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST, as it is also known) which  leads to higher levels of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), high levels of which may contribute to breast, prostate, and colon cancers.)

7.  Conventional apples (Pesticides)

Read the complete article here: