Jon Jones Blasts Brandon Vera into a cowering mess at “UFC Live On Versus” (Fight Video – March 21, 2010)

Jon Bones Jones

Jon Jones: The UFC Kid who could be Superman

After a kick to the head from a downed Vera which stunned Jones and led to a temporary stoppage, Jones was able to recover enough to deliver a devastating elbow to the side of Vera’s right orbital socket.  The result? Vera’s  ground defense crumbled as he cowered in  pain at 4:41 minutes of the first round.  Herb Dean moved in to stop the fight as Jones pounded  Vera  who was  by this time covering up with his back  to Jones. This was one of the high points of  “UFC on Versus” in Broomfield, CO yesterday – a  debut broadcast of UFC fighting on national cable –  an event which clearly surpassed its moderate billing.

MMA fans will be watching Jones closely for the rest of this year. So will  a lot of guys in the light heavyweight division.  The wunderkind who has already sent notice to the  MMA world, may just be setting out on a bit of a tear throughout the  205 lbs division – assuming  that his stand-up rises up to the level of his wrestling. Another thing going for him? He is one strong mofo with youth on his side like wind in his sails.  His strength,  composure and unflinching knack for going for the jugular, puts him in with the “natural born killers”. Look out Anderson Silva!

Google Jon Jones vs Brandon Vera to see Jon “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ*” Jones delivering some serious, serious punishment right. Jones’ asterisked nickname in the foregoing is a latter-day creation of Brandon Vera. See the highlight reel video at the end of this post.

Jon Jones - Pic Copyright - Susumu Nagao

The supplex seen around the world : Jon Jones tossing Stephan Bonnar at UFC 94 like it was no big deal. His movement recalls another famous Jones; to wit Roy Jones with serious, serious octagonal chops. (Picture Copyright – Susumu Nagao)

And at 4:17 of the first round, Junior Dos Santos proved once again why he is a force to be reckoned with when he dropped Gabriel Gonzaga with a crisp left and then finished him off on the ground. Big hulking Gonzaga gave almost as much as he got in the opening seconds, but the night belonged the fleet footed marksman of the new take-no-prisoners school of Brazilian stand-up. Google Junior Dos Santos vs. Gabriel Gonzaga for a demonstration.

And the Cheick Kongo vs Paul Buentello showed how Cheick Kongo is not gonna be a factor in the heavyweight division. He won at 3:46 of the third round after digging relentless elbows to Buentello’s thighs, but his failure to stand up with a guy as unimpressive as Paul Buentello tells volumes about where Kongo is in the larger scheme of the heavyweight division. His countless take down which amounted to little at the outset smacked of a parent trying to subdue an unruly child. It was damn frustrating to watch a guy do the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result. Some people would call it stick-to-it-veness, but we beg to differ. Google Cheick Kongo vs Paul Buentello for a demonstration of what we are talking about.

This was a must win fight for Kongo to keep his stock from plummeting to zero and he just managed to squeak through. He is not out of the woods by a long shot.

We at Cyberaxis think he is suffering a crisis of confidence that is impacting his ability to fight on so many levels. He probably needs a long break, a new training camp and a new game plan. Watch Kongo’s movement in the ring. He is stiff as a board – a stance which retards the free motion, speed, power and accuracy of his punches and kicks. It’s like someone needs to teach him the basics of follow through and snapping – but you really can’t do that at the level he is playing at. I mean its like trying to teach Shaq how to shoot from the free throw line. Oi vei!

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