Lesnar vs Carwin Size Matters: The Other UFC 116 Story

Files this one under “mass and the conceit of mass” because it is gonna play a role come UFC 116. Put simply, Carwin is big, but Lesnar is bigger. No disrobing needed. The Lesnar-Carwin face-off in the octagon following UFC 111 proved that.

The long and the short of it? Lesnar has the mass, and conceit of mass on top of what his “mamaw” gave him – namely robust genes and strength to the ol’ farmhouse born. We will explicate. Mass does not necessarily equate with power. Frank Mir’s home gym experiment proves that, and so does Fedor Emelianenko’s freakshow fights.  No?

Be that as it may,  mass over a substrate of power, naturally born,  is an aspect most animals, including those runnin’ around half naked  in the octagon, have a problem dealing with.  Anecdote: In the staged face-off between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin at the end of UFC 111,  Carwin was looking up and Lesnar down. (The camera was exaggerating the differences a bit, but there is really a 1 inch differetial in their heights – Lesnar being the slightly taller. See the comparative pic here.)

Shane Carwin is  a 6’2″ cyborg who walks around at 275lbs to 280lbs and cuts weight to fight at 265lbs.  Lesnar walks around at about 300lbs and gravitates back towards that weight after the 265lbs weigh-in for a fight. So off the top you have a 20lb walk-around weight differential coupled with a visible size differential which analysts have attributed to a mass distribution anomaly.  Carwin is a solid chunk of a man to Lesnar’s Chicken Little lower body topped off by an Incredible Hulk upper body. (Cyberaxis)

Carwin vs Lesnar - Size matters

Carwin vs Lesnar Size Matters - The photos are not scaled side-by-side comparisons, but you get the general idea, especially proportion-wise.

Add this to all the factors enumerated here, ( 10 Reasons Brock Lesnar will beat Shane Carwin at UFC 106) and you have the makings of an outcome that has Lesnar written all over it. Remember what you heard and where you heard it.

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