Josh Koscheck vs Paul Daley @UFC 113: Trash Talking As An Olympic Sport

Except that there is something different about the two guys talking about this fight. Fakers need not apply because both are  talking out of the gut of mutual contempt, fear and or loathing. This verbal back and forth – this trash-talking lolapalooza has a different feel to it.  And as anyone who has ever been involved in a schoolyard fight will tell you, this is  stuff that  knock-down drag out fights are made of,  from the bare-knuckle verbal jousting to battle royales inside the octagon that deploy every fiber in the body – the fighter and the viewer’s.

Paul Daley Living Large

Paul Daley Psyche-out Valedictorian, kickin' it with a not-so-secret admirer outside the octagon. Come Saturday, will he come at Jeff Koscheck harder than "mamma's boy" (his characterization) has ever dreamed of?

This, among other things,  is the reasons why Daley ( 23-8-2) vs Koscheck (16-4)  is gonna be the fight of the night. Machida vs Rua is old news. The rubber match protagonists may go the distance but Daley vs Koscheck are NOT (gonna go the distance.) There is just too much energy surrounding this fight to preclude the convulsive leap across the synaptic gap.

Koscheck vs Daley is about balls and Josh Koscheck wants to prove to the MMA hood that his are bigger and blacker (not to mention hairier) than Paul Daley’s.  Paul Daley thinks Koscheck is a “mamma’s boy” who is blowing hot air out of his rear end. Daley thinks Koscheck has a wrong-headed view about his chances  because he has never been hit like the way he is gonna be hit on Saturday night. Koscheck says the hook  is all Daley has and Daley owns up to that but counters by saying that Koscheck will have to avoid being cudgeled by his deadly hook for 15 long minutes – an almost guaranteed impossibility. And as if the stakes were not stratospherically high enough already – Koscheck says he  m-i-g-h-t    j-u-s-t    d-e-c-i-d-e    t-o    s-t-a-n-d   a-n-d   b-a-n-g   w-i-t-h  the  British Banger because he is just that cocky.  Oh yeah? Well, this  to us  just smells like teen spirit  – down to the aura of invincibility and proclivity for braggadocious  high-jinks  both of which account for a high rates of early deaths among teens.

When two young toughs lock verbal horns the way  Koscheck and Daley have done, you have to go beyond  their words to something more than cerebrated intentions. When you do that you find that Josh Koscheck is angry where Paul Daley is just full of rock-steady conviction about what is gonna go down. Listen to Paul Daley’s tone of voice, delivery and body language when he is talking about this fight. This is one dude, who, like Brock Lesnar, is very much in touch with this physical and mental mojo. Look at how this sangfroid and self-presentation is gonna play out even in the fighter’s warm-up rooms before the fight.   If Daley decides to stand with Koscheck he is gonna go down like a rock  against all booking odds. If he  decides to go to the ground and deploy all his tools, he may have a chance  – but even then its not a done deal. Reason? Paul Daley is one strong mofo who should never be counted out by bookies the way they have. Reason? Well, the reason is that he  can take a pounding better than  Koscheck can.

Our call? Paul Daley wins this fight by knockout  in the first or second round.  Check the date and time stamps on this post  and take  your screen shots if in doubt.

While Koscheck may have improved his game a little, he is not yet ready for stand-up prime-time. The fact that Paul Daley has never been knocked out outright in his 6 loses does not bode well for Koscheck in the stand-up scenario. His best bet is to shoot early and shoot often with intent to keep things on the ground.  Koscheck has knocked Daley by saying that he has defeated a bunch of nobody’s without mentioning the spectacular fashion in which he has knocked them out beyond the numbers (7 straight KOs and 11 TKOs vs Koscheck’s 3 straight KO and 2 TKOs). Koscheck’s dig fails to stand up to scrutiny when fans realize that that is the same argument some people were making against Shane Carwin’s chances in his fight with Frank Mir. And the most match on Koscheck’s side for the purpuses of this fight is his loss Thiago Alves who brings to the octagon a similar arsenal as Paul Daley. We will go into a bit more detail about our position before the fight  if time allows.

Meanwhile we say go with the guy who is convincingly feeling this fight in his bones and in his gut: Paul Daley in the first or second round!

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A relatively out-of-condition Paul Daley loses to a nervy Nick Diaz! (Cyberaxis)

2 responses to “Josh Koscheck vs Paul Daley @UFC 113: Trash Talking As An Olympic Sport

  1. his names josh koscheck twat (sic)

    • Hi Josh….. ahem Jeff.

      We originally missed “Josh” but got “Koscheck” all the way through. The error has been corrected, but we suspect it won’t do much for your disposition, sentence construction or punctuation.

      The Editor – Cyberaxis

      (Remember the words of Chaim Bertman,
      “In the venom, is a whisper of the antidote.”)

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