A Few Thoughts Before UFC 113

The minutes are ticking down before UFC 113. The moment of truth is here as much for Lyoto Machida as for Mauricio Shogun Rua. Both fighters are talking up a storm but that is not what’s gonna make the difference tonight. The clue to the outcome is written all over UFC 104  – which is to say that Shogun is gonna edge Machida in actual assault – if not an actual win. He is not afraid of Machida so he has the ability to forge this creative space where he can initiate or counter anything Machida throws at him.

One thing fans can count on: This is gonna be a Technical Lolapalooza – the stuff that MMA is made at its core. Its unfortunate that as accomplished as these fighters are, the  matchup still lacks the branding catchet inspite of what Dana White says.  MMA fandom has just not evolved to a point where two Brazilian wunderkinds can command the kind of attention that Brock Lesnar – a Johnny-come-lately to the world of MMA commands.

Machida will partly be fighting against himself in the sense of the style that this  fight is gonna impose on him.  He is gonna have to attack more which means less of the run-and-gun school of fighting he is accustomed to – the same style he has been criticised for. Enforced aggression will take him out of his fighting comfort zone and that will play into Shogun’s hands.  The odds-makers who favor Machida think they have got it, but they are wrong. A new champion is gonna be crowned tonight and for the record its gonna be Mauricio Shogun Rua. Noone deserves it more.

Lyoto Machida vs Dana White & Related Stuff: UFC 104 threw Machida for a similar loop it threw Frank Mir after  UFC  81 and 100. He never recovered his balance after – Frank  Mir that is. Machida shows signs of being a bit off balance after a UFC 104 victory that was pooh-poohed as much by fans as the UFC head honcho. And Machida’s recent attempt to criticize Dana White for his post fight remarks shows a guy who is fighting  with shadows instead of taking responsibility for his sub-par performance at 104. That is just more evidence that Machida and the Machida camp are just not as savvy as they could be when it comes to the public relations aspect of this business.

Sit back and enjoy the fight.

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