Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture – The unsung story of UFC 116

If there is a guy who has a key to Brock Lesnar’s psyche it has to be Randy Couture. Reason? His “I’m OK, You Are OK” approach to things; his matter-of-fact, aw-shucks approach to what he has and what other people have. Well, come to think of it, there isn’t a whole lot of people that Randy doesn’t have a key to. Nice guys tend to have that quality about them – so in a sense, this is a story about Randy Couture, the famed Captain America of mixed martial arts.

So what does this have to do with UFC 116? Well, as it turns out Randy Couture is one of the people Brock Lesnar has turned to for training help  months/weeks ahead of his UFC fight with Colorado slugger Shane Carwin – which is quite impressive when you consider that this is the case of  290lb behemoth (Brock Lesnar) turning to a wiry 230lb grappler-turned-boxer for advice on how to demolish a proven slugger. At a the mental level, it is deep when you consider the chip Brock Lesnar tends to carry on his shoulder most of the time – the “up yours” attitude that has been his stock in trade since UFC 100.

“I’ve always had a lot of respect for Randy because he paved the highway for the wrestler in the UFC …. The good thing about Randy is that he doesn’t carry a chip on his shoulder.” (Brock Lesnar)

Well, no shit Shylock – reference the last part of that quote. That, among other things – seems to the key to the “friendship” or what passes for it between Brock and Randy. We only wish Lesnar could learn something from that quote concerning the antipathy his own chip-on-the-shoulder persona generates amongst the masses and chattering classes. But that is a story for another day.

On top of all his chops, Randy brings to Brock’s training the college coach’s touch which in turn really opens him up to learning new things without a sense of disaffection.

Contrast (Frank Mir’s) disparagement of Lesnar’s strengths against Couture’s healthy respect of the mountain of a man who knocked him down and out with a glancing blow to the old temple. Up to this day, Couture maintains that Lesnar is a lot of man to stand in front of for most fighters. And he says it without a shred of resentment or envy: just matter of fact and you move on. It takes a level of maturity and detachment to make such assessments without attaching one’s essential self-worth to such valuations. (Cyberaxis)

The other revelation from watching that clip (and other Brock Lesnar clips) is that he is really stiff when it comes to the physics and mechanics of striking. Can you say muscle bound? Well, that’s just part of the problem. What is visibly missing is the motion, the rhythm and the limber set of movements that allow for maximal punching with the snap  that multiplies power by an nth factor in the terminal milli-second. If Randy can limber Brock up physically and technically, Lesnar will turn out to be a monster come July 3rd at the MGM Grand.

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