UFC 116 with Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin will be like an execution

Brock Lesnar Belt Thumb

Lesnar @ UFC 116: The pressure to win.

And probably take about as much. About  5 or 6 Minutes,  which in MMA terms translates into one or two rounds. The likelihood of this going to the judges for a decision is almost nil.

The reason for this is the assymetric factors of strength and skill and all of the unknowns that will, without a doubt, impinge on the fight that is just over 3 hours away. Brock Lesnar’s recovery from his illness, the strategies and decisions that fighters end up making in the octagon, cognizant of Mike Tyson’s truism, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.” Luke Thomas of Bloody Elbow had it right when he opined:

The number of unknowns swirling in this bout is dizzying. Is Lesnar going to have ring rust? Is Carwin going to fold in the later rounds? Will Lesnar be able to take Carwin down enough? How will Lesnar respond when hit by Carwin? I’m not sure how to cook with these ingredients. I certainly believe Carwin is more than capable of stopping the fight at any time. If you’re picking him, you’ve got plenty of good reasons to do so. I’m going to lean ever so slightly to Lesnar, though. I just think he’s got the sort of gameplan to wear down Carwin. Over time he’ll compromise Carwin’s power, physically tire him and impose his game. Unless he gets KO’d. We’ll see what happens. Lesnar, TKO. Luke Thomas, Bloody Elbow)

Shane Carwin Thumb

Carwin @ UFC 116: The chance to place, show or win outright

As we have already mentioned, the most probable scenarios is that Brock  Lesnar will, upon the first pummeling of his baby face, quickly resort to ground and pound and finish the job on the ground like a hired farmhand.   If  Lesnar wins this fight, it will be  an “oh well” moment. Next!

If Shane Carwin, the paper underdog who also happens to be the crowd favorite wins, the MGM Grand and living rooms all over the world will explode in near disbelief and joy.  The UFC would have  all of a sudden become a more interesting place: a larger  theater of more nuanced possibility.

Bookmark this site and  check back before midnight tonight for a pulling together of all the themes and predictions that have been made about this long awaited fight.

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Brock Lesnar will try and make an example of Shane Carwin at UFC 116 (Cyberaxis)

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