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Jon “Bones” Jones – The New Anderson Silva – destroys Shogun Rua at UFC 128 to become new light heavyweight champ!

But that is a bit misleading because Bones Jones can beat Anderson Silva at this point if they were to be matched pound for pound or in some exhibition superfight. But we digress, but you get the point about how lopsided this title fight was tonight.

It wasn’t even a close match.  Not in round one or two. Forget about three. The challenger (Jon Jones,  13-1) came in with all guns blazing  starting with a flying knee at the buzzer of the first round. It was the Brock Lesnar bum rush but executed with precision and superior excecution. By the time the referee called off the fight at 2.37″ of  the third round, Shogun Rua (19-5) the former Pride terror,  had used up half of his nine (octagonal) lives to the flying knees and spinning back elbows of Jon Jones.  It is a miracle that Shogun, with eyes nearly closed shut, wasn’t more hurt than he was. Brendan Vera of yore didn’t fare so well.  He left the octagon with a broken orbital …. at the hands “of the second coming of Jesus Christ” (Brandon Vera’s own jeering refrain.)

Jon Jones Champ - UFC 128 - Bello, Zuffa, Getty

Jon Bones Jones – the new Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC and face of the franchise after DESTROYING Mauricio Shogun Rua at UFC 128.  At 23 he is poised to dominate the LHW division Anderson-Silva-style for the next few years. That includes Silva himself. (Pic: Bello, Zuffa, Getty Images)

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