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Jon Jones vs Quinton “Rampage” Jackson – The long and the short of it

Like good ol’ John Holmes of yore, Jon Jones may very well use his length, strength and reach to whup Rampage into TKO submission before the end of the second round of  UFC 135 – and that’s probably an overly generous estimate.

The  11.5 inch reach differential is nothing to scoff at.  And that is exactly what you get when you subtract Rampage Jackson’s 73 inches from Jon Jone’s whopping 84.5 inches. That makes for a wingspan that can be turned into a serious probe.  So in order to be  a contender, Rampage would have to go past that probe. That offensive-defensive perimeter. Anyone who thinks that should be a walk in the park should watch the Jones/Shogun fight to see Jones offense at near full tilt. That 11.5 inch differential is a serious, serious weapon in the hands of someone with the explosive ability displayed in the  Shogun fight. (Remember the opening flying knee followed by not one, but several Anderson Silva straight ahead kicks.  Jones seems to have no respect for some of these O.G.s.)

Jon Jones vs Rampage Jackson - UFC 135 Poster - Alt

UFC 135: Freeway billboards are a nice touch but like Harold Camping's, they won't turn what is a virtual non-event into the beginning or end of the world. UFC 135 will showcase Jon Jones chops until a worthy, yet-to-be-named contender, is found. And no, that does not include Rashad Evans, in case you are wondering.

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Frank Mir needs to learn to keep his mouth shut

Frank Mir’s win against chiseled Parisian, Cheick Kongo, at UFC 107 last night was impressive, but Frank’s trash talking prior to the fight took  more from his win than Kongo’s status as a fighter whose career seems to be on the wane.  The post-fight conciliatory gestures did little  take away the  sour-taste-in-the-mouth following the pre-fight acrimony.  It does not matter that Frank’s analysis of Kongo’s talents or lack thereof, was spot on. There is trash talking and then there is trash talking.  The fact that the normally reticent Kongo took particular umbrage to it just put an exclamation point to this particular spat. (See how Kongo turned his back to Frank at the weigh-in.) There is a certain unwritten science and art to it as Mir found out in the Brock Lesnar affair.

The unnecessary trash talking against Kongo placed Frank in the unenviable position of being “the jerk” who won; which is an odd position for a man who used to be Mr. Nice. After all the trash talking, there was very little room for the kind of inspirational speech-making he gave after  knocking off Big Nog,  Antonio Nogueira at UFC 92.

The  role of the trash-talking “heel” for Mir  is as ill-fitting as a “gi” on Yokozuna. Please note that the trash-talking started around the time Mir’s career had become stagnant.  And prior to UFC 107 last night, his mouth was running more than a broken  toilet bowl. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

(The fabricated bad blood, such as the ballyhooed one between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans) is the kind of crap the UFC needs to stay away from lest it begins to manifest hereditary genes of the WWE bloodline. (UFC 107: A better card out of the blue – Cyberaxis)

Standing Caveat: This is not your little brother’s WWE: And it cannot be all light-hearted ribbing when your opponent takes umbrage at your talk and bashes your face in a few more times  a la Brock Lesnar or Dan Henderson in the case of the pesky Michael Bisping. The only exception to the rule about trash talking is when you have fighters who choose trash talking as part of their persona. Mir did not start off this way, hence our dismay at this insidious drift which  leaves him in no-man’s land because Mir is not an avowed heel.

Those who defend this trend as a way to drum publicity should think of the WWE and the fact that its recessive genes may find bothersome expression in UFC culture.

Bloodied Mir at UFC 100

Cyberaxis to Frank Mir: Shut the fuck up and remember this UFC 100 drubbing every time you try to open your mouth. (Photo by Associated Press)

As for Frank, he in the interim,  needs to decide whether his spiel is gonna veer more towards comedy which is pardonable or the-walk-the-talk realism which is permissible only if he can walk the talk. In the months and weeks prior to UFC 100, it veered  more towards comedy and the people  who were disinclined to cut him some slack forgave him because his life was clearly on the line.

Be that as it may,  the trash talking against Lesnar, following Mir’s drubbing at UFC 100, created a monumental  PR/image problems for the UFC veteran. There was some justifiable sense,  pari passu, that Mir’s merciless drubbing and Lesnar’s over-the-top celebration was Mir’s deserved comeuppance. Yes, there are people who withheld sympathy for Mir because of his taunting of Lesnar.

If Frank wasn’t such an insecure prick, he’d be very likable. He’s very good on the WEC as a analyst, but once you put an opponent in front of him, he becomes a tool. What’s funny is that he seems to fluctuate between the insecure toolishness and genuine goodness that he possesses. During the Countdown show, he said Kongo’s striking was mediocre. Then at the pre-fight presser today, he says that he’s a great striker and that he will look to take the fight to the ground. Very interesting guy, he just needs to realize that he’s a great fighter and doesn’t need to mask his insecurities with cockiness. (Spirona, Reader Comments, Five Ounces of Pain 12/10/09)

Mir should resolve to zip it up at this point and let his fighting do the talking, unless he wants to become “the  Lesnar of the mouth” – which is really representative of the failure of inner PR.

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The Trouble With Frank Mir: Divergent ways of dealing with post fight trauma (Cyberaxis)

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The internet and the erosion of subscription TV, cable and associated media

The best television is free. So is video when one considers the cost-benefit ratio of what the masses usually get. Crap is the coin of the realm and what passes for content is an unrelenting stream commercialism interrupted by bits of pertinent information and entertainment.

Going without cable or satellite is unthinkable to many Americans — just over 90% of U.S. households subscribe to some form of pay TV. But just as mobile phones have replaced many customers’ land-line service, Vittore said on-demand Internet video will soon whittle that 90% figure down. (Vince Vittore, Analyst, Yankee Group)

But all that is in the process of changing under the unrelenting onslaught of  the internet and associated technologies. Say hello to the more democratized milieu of the world wide web.

We at Cyberaxis are not deluded however. The ancien (media) regime is not dead. Corporations and their governmental cohorts still rule the world, but cracks in the edifice still do appear from time to time: cracks in which hardy foliage grows.

The internet has changed a lot of the rules of the game and the vested stakeholders, both corporate and governmental, are scrambling to jostle for new pole positions. (Read up on internet neutrality, privacy and custodianship of information in the brave new world.) And nowhere is this dissolution, this lysis, more evident than in the area of the old media versus the new.

Cable had a chance earlier in the decade to give us an a la carte service. They chose not to. It may be too late for them. The model is changing so fast they may never get the lost viewers back no matter how nice they decide to play now.  (Everett Hutchinson)

The subscription model of content as purveyed by the cable and satellite industry is being whacked by the internet just like the film, recording and newspaper industry were undermined by the same. The aspect of retributive justice is not lost on many. Free is the new good in the millenium of bits, bytes, hotspots and the brave new world of the world wide web. The Google story is very instructive of what has happened in terms of free content.

Man with laptop on beach.

On the beaches of the world wide web, free is good.  Hallelujah and thank you Jesus!  (Photo by Avava)

As far as electronic content is concerned, start your search here for the yellow brick road that leads to the Emerald City. What we hope for is none other than a living manifesto of liberation ……  Liberation of the new netizen from the chains of the ancien regime.

Start with the Cyberaxis Media Center here.

This list of free TV, video, film and radio  is a work in progress. Links are gonna be added and deleted as time progresses. So if you find something you really like, save it to your bookmarks. Meanwhile, consider this your own Free Media Console. The smoothness of the play will depend of several factors like your connection, settings and or the streaming aspect of the website you are accessing.  In some cases you need to let the video load at little before commencing play. So be patient. We’ll get there.

I cut my cable service completely. I don’t pay for a home phone either. I found out that Comcast does not like that at all. They doubled what I pay for internet and capped how much data I can stream per month. $60/mo for internet is close to ridiculous. I read somewhere that internet only takes up the bandwidth of two channels. That means I’m paying $60/mo for two stinking channels. I hate Comcast. The value of cable has become so inflated, the market is bound for a correction at some point. I hope mobile broadband can give the cable company a run for their money. (Fill Westcott)

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TV Is Dying, And Here Are The Stats That Prove It (Jim Edwards, Business Insider/Yahoo Finance)

Cyberaxis Media Center (Cyberaxis)

Estimate: 800,000 U.S. Households Abandoned Their TVs For The Web (Tech Crunch)

UFC 104 (Fight Video): Mauricio Shogun Rua beats Machida bloody, but senile judges (and God knows what else) rob him blind

Or if you like,  “Fuck the Judges: Machida succumbs to the fists and kicks of  fearless rock n’ roller named Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. ”

Yes, we said “succumb”, because that is exactly what Machida did. Noone has any idea which fight the UFC 104 judges saw when they scored it  48-47 unanimously for Machida when he was winded, beaten and bloodied by round 5, having been rocked not once – but countless times by a young tough who knew where the Machida’s stylistic bones were buried.  And he wasted no time in going right to it and drawing blood by the end.

In our scoring Shogun won all rounds with the possible exception of round 3 where Machida exploded with strikes and kicks that could have knocked Shogun out had Machida had the power to deliver the coup de grace.   How judges Cecil Peoples and Marcos Rosales could have given the first two rounds to Machida is beyond comprehension. And the judge who gave Shogun at least the first round inexplicably reversed himself and gave Machida the final one during which he was visibly debilitated by a dominant Shogun. This judging just boggles the mind. It boggles the mind when one sits down with pen and paper and replays the entire fight.

You can see the  fight video here, while it lasts.  The loading lags quite a bit, so your best bet is to launch it, place it on pause it and brew a nice cup of tea  for about 20 minutes  and then play the video when the graphic meter shows a full load of the entire 36:29 minutes. You will get a smooth play that can be paused and  replayed on the go.

The Mega-Video version which is twice as large as the standard mini-screen version can be seen at  www.mmator.com. Just allow for adequate loading time which will depend on the speed and capacity of your connection. This one is much more fun to watch.

On the pictures side, you can check out the San Francisco Examiner page.

Rashad Evans is seating at home nodding his head like a  sage
As the veil parts and the cloud lifts from his head.
The Machida thrill is gone, and he now knows it can be done
Because a young tough named Shogun showed him how

Night-time Robbery at the Staples: We at Cyberaxis are pretty miffed about this.  There  is nothing anecdotal about this contention:  Mauricio Rua, who came in as the decided underdog, beat Lyoto Machida silly, then got robbed blind by three senile judges and God knows what else. Someone needs to investigate them, and while they are at it, get their blood and urine samples  because the fans deserve to know what the were on the night they plopped their fat asses in the judges’ chairs. The unanimous  48-47 decision for Machida should, in the name of on-going integrity of the UFC,  not go unchallenged because Rua beat Machida soundly in at least 3, if not more, of those the 5 rounds. MMA fans deserve to know what fight those judges were watching tonight. Seriously. Placing the burden on Shogun because he did not knock Machida out outright  is a convenient cop-out.

I see politics has made its way into the UFC. It was bound to happen, just like boxing. I’m seriously debating on not watching UFC anymore. That decision was absolutely FIXED. And I wanted Machida to win. F*## the money grubbing criminals. NOFYB,  Salt Lake City Headlines Examiner.

The release of the judges score card does little to shed any light on what went on inside their heads or what fight they were watching. Their defenders are gonna have an impossible time trying to explain this kind of UNANIMOUS scoring:

Here are the cards in all their stilted glory:

Marcos Rosales (Machida 48-47):
1stRound: Machida 10-9
2ndRound: Machida 10-9
3rdRound: Machida 10-9
4thRound: Rua 10-9
5thRound: Rua 10-9

Cecil Peoples (Machida 48-47):
1stRound: Machida 10-9
2ndRound: Machida 10-9
3rdRound: Machida 10-9
4thRound: Rua 10-9
5thRound: Rua 10-9

Nelson Hamilton (Machida 48-47):
1stRound: Rua 10-9
2ndRound: Machida 10-9
3rdRound: Machida 10-9
4thRound: Machida 10-9
5thRound: Rua 10-9

Scoring summary over 5 rounds:

Nelson Hamilton:  Shogun, Machida, Machida, Machida, Shogun.

Cecil Peoples:  Machida, Machida, Machida, Shogun, Shogun

Marcos Rosales:  Machida, Machida, Machida, Shogun, Shogun.

Judges Sch-mudges – Fuck the Judges! (They were scoring out of their asses): An impartial panel should review that fight frame by frame and re-score it and publish their results before the end of 30 days – with the power of some kind of redress, within or without the regulations.  This may have no precedent in UFC – but that is what the UFC should have to deal with when their judges return such a ridiculous verdict. Unanimous!? Give us a break. UFC adjudication runs the risk of being considered a bloody  joke, if not worse – if you get our drift here.

Aaron Glazer of the San Francisco Examiner is already questioning the integrity of UFC adjudication after two questionable calls within a short period of time:

“Lyoto Machida, the heavily favored light heavyweight champion took on Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in a five round title fight. During this fight, Machida got flat out beat. Of the five rounds, only one, the third, was even seriously debatable to going to Machida. He’s an undefeated champion who has beaten huge name Rashad Evans to a great buy-rate and the UFC clearly wants to protect him, but this is absurd. A man cannot clearly lose 4 or 5 rounds and likely have lost that fifth, then win the fight by decision. It’s simply not possible. To quote a certain famous dramatist: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” So, with this, so soon after UFC 101, Dana White, the UFC owner, has opened himself up for massive questioning and investigating. Wrestling, long believed real, suffered the same fate and became pure entertainment. Is that the fate of the UFC and MMA in general?” (Aaron Glazer, “What are the chances that Machida vs Shogun Rua was fixed?”,  San Francisco Examiner, October 25, 2009)

The Deconstruction of Lyoto Machina at UFC 104 by a fearless young gun: Mauricio "Shogun" Rua clobbers Machida in one of the barrages that drew blood and a cut lip towards the end. (Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

The Deconstruction of Lyoto Machida at UFC 104 by a fearless young gun, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Shogun's intermittent barrages hobbled Machida, in addition to drawing visible blood in the end. (Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Cyberaxis prediction: A professional and public relations firestorm has already erupted over this and Dana White and the UFC will have to fix this post haste. Did we say “fix”? That was totally cosmic!

This latest fiasco adds incredible  fuel to the bonfire of bad decisions that have been made in the UFC lately.  And a lot of fans, judging by actual and internet postings, “have had it with UFC”! Such shennanigans undermine the tenuous faith fans have in this nascent organization. It leads  the level-headed to wonder whether the UFC is just  greasy fight organization with the genes of other fight organizations that have gone before it. Boxing and wheeler-dealing ways of Don King come to mind.

“Shogun and Machida fought their hearts out, but anyone watching that fight knows Shogun won.

The UFC just lost a ton of credibility. It isn’t really a secret that Machida is one of their money makers now, but Shogun won that fight and I doubt I will pay for another UFC fight.

Hell, Mike Goldberg was advertising for the UFC constantly right in the middle of fights. I don’t pay $45 to hear that distracting garbage.

And I certainly don’t pay $45 to see the judges literally gift a fight.

Lyoto even knew he lost when the fight ended. He could barely raise his hands in victory, because HE knew he lost. When Lyoto was waiting for the decision, it was clearly written on his face that he lost. He was waiting for the announcement to take his title away.

UFC is cheap. No respect for their fighters. Shogun is the true champion and we all know it. Everyone who watched that fight knows it.

Between this and calling the Cain/Ben fight way early, I’d have to say the UFC screwed up. Uga Booga – Commenting on Aaron Glazer’s Post “What are the chances that UFC 104’s Machida vs Shogun Rua was fixed?”

The UFC clearly had a vested interest in a win by Machida because of the dire need  star luster in a division that hasn’t had it ever since Tito Ortiz or Chuck Liddel were dethroned. The musical chair circus of Quinton Jackson, Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida within a short space of time has done little to build the potential for effective marketing and major Pay Per View bank.  Shogun Rua was not supposed to win tonight because it would have perpetuated the musical chair circus. But win in actuality he did. Now the question that remains is what fight were those judges watching? What is their history and background?

Mauricio Shogun Rua: The body English was very telling all round. This may be a game changer for Lyoto.

Judges Sch-mudges - Fuck the Judges! They scored out of their asses. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua clearly won UFC 104. Check out the body language. The fraudulent judges' ruling will taint the UFC for a long time. And Shogun's dominant performance was a definite game changer for Lyoto Machida.

There was nothing particularly esoteric about the way the fight progressed tonight. A 15 year old could have judged the contest equitably.  Shogun beat Machida’s butt black and blue.  No ifs ands or butts about it. Machida’s  body language, not to mention his face, said it all. He looked battered, winded and defeated. Compare that visual with that of  Shogun: He was energized, smiling and pumping up his fists following the final bell. And Shogun, a veteran  of brutal Pride battles of yore ain’t no dummy.  A five year old kid could have easily surmised the result of what had just happened; but the judges saw something completely different on top of scoring a fight that must have been  playing in their heads  prior to coming to the Staples Center.

“Dana joked that Strike Force should be called Strike Farce. I gotta say that with the judges decision last night the biggest farce right now is the UFC and anyone who says Fedor was foolish for not joining the UFC can eat crow because the same thing could have happened to him as it did Shogun. If Fedor is to join the UFC it has to be co-promoted to prevent the corrupt UFC judges from making incorrect rulings. Otherwise fighters should hop on the Strike Force band wagon because it may be the only legitimate American MMA fighting organization left right now. ( Neil Roger responding to Brian Oswald’s  ‘Does A Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua Rescue The Division?’ Bleacher Report, October 25, 2009)

Even Dana White had to admit to Shogun that he had him ahead of Machida  by his own reckoning. And a forlon Machida refused, even through his corner, to say whether he seconded the judges’ decision. He deflected the issue by pointing out that all three judges had scored the fight in his favor.  The fans responded to the announcement of the Machida win with boos that were heard around the world; which places both the UFC and the Machida camp in an unenviable position of partly defending the indefensible. The rematch concession doesn’t even begin to address the fact Shogun was robbed blind. It wasn’t a good day for the UFC,  or  the Machida camp. Lyoto doesn’t really  deserve to be booed over this, but that is what he is gonna get, especially for his post-fight reaction.

The P.R. Mess: The rematch idea is just another crazy sideshow in an organization that already has many crazy sideshows – this one coming on the heels of Quinton Jackson’s abdication (following what he describes as a series of crazy decisions by Dana White.) The UFC 104 judges should have gotten it right in the first place and not robbed Shogun Rua blind of the belt he clearly deserved. This mess is just not needed. And the rematch is not gonna please a lot of people.  And if it happens, the UFC needs to make it a free, televised event in prime time. Charging for such an event would be immoral and unethical.

Despite Rua controlling the octagon for a majority of the five-round battle (of UFC 104), the judges ruled unanimously (48-47) that Machida was the victor. FightMetric, the FanGraphs of Mixed Martial Arts, shows that Rua was far-and-away the winner of the bout, mostly on account of landing nearly twice as many hits as his opponent. Following the fight, the Internet was very quickly populated with claims that the fight was fixed. UFC President Dana White denied the fix, but did criticize the judges over the ruling and immediately scheduled a rematch between the two fighters.

White, of course, would never flat admit that the fight was fixed. He can feign anger at the judges, but look at what he gets out of it: profit from UFC 104 due to the Machida-Rua fight, and then a rematch that is already generating a lot of buzz, which leads to more revenue. What are we — including us skeptics — going to do when that rematch is televised? We’ll tune in! Of course we will! (Bill Baer, “What If It Isn’t Real?” Baseball Daily Digest)

As if the UFC needs this,  there are fans already vowing to never purchase Pay Per View for UFC events again. The alternative for hopeless addicts would be seeing UFC events at Hooters  or local neighborhood sports bars that show these events gratis or for a small cover charge.

The UFC should  start addressing its P.R. problem by releasing the full video of the Machida-Rua fight gratis in the name of transparency. Whether the  UFC management and its counterparts at all levels of gaming are gonna pursue this public  fiasco with true  reformist zeal or the weary old  “this-is-how-babies-are-made” attitude is gonna make a world of difference. But we are not holding our breath.

Screw the Muppet Show farts who scored UFC 104 for Machida when the Mauricio Shogun Rua had clearly outboxed and outkicked the reigning champion. In the minds of hard core fans, Shogun IS the new LHW champion.

Screw the Muppet Show farts who scored UFC 104 for Machida when the Mauricio Shogun Rua had clearly outboxed and out-smacked the reigning champion. In the minds of hard core fans, Shogun IS the new Light Heavyweight champion.

Stay tuned, because we are just clearing our throat here.

Meanwhile, the reaction to the judges’ decision runs the whole gamut from the cant and sophistry of the MMA Fanhouse article here (“Outrage in Machida-Shogun Unwarranted in Razor-Close Fight” by Mike Chiapetta) to the wholesale outrage expressed by most fans before the industry spin-meisters started spinning the the story. Here is a sample of the firestorm that exploded on Tweeter minutes after the results were announced. It does not matter which search terms you enter. The results are the same. Noone except the most die-hard urine-drinkers, believe Machida won tonight:

Beginning of sample tweets:

  1. ScottChuck UFC 104 thoughts…Shogun was robbed. Also Cain is a scary man and a fight with Brock would be great. 7 minutes ago from web
  2. Deeks_normal YounDk machida was disappointing.. shogun got robbed. #fb 9 minutes ago from Twitterrific
  3. Dancer_lifestyle_normal JRandallMusic Shogun was robbed 17 minutes ago from web
  4. Carnage_6_bout09-199_normal kellbailey shogun got robbed. I was rooting for machida, but he should not have won 20 minutes ago from web
  5. 4255_206174545234_692160234_7076772_4147778_n_normal justinburford Shogun was robbed! 25 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
  6. L_4a39f0aac9904e1c9c636601914c5778_normal Micfiends shogun was robbed 27 minutes ago from web
  7. Brickyard_logo_normal BrickyardGrill Shogun was robbed! #UFC was totally rigged! Machida got annihilated out there! I give up on any mixed martial arts competitions…. 29 minutes ago from web
  8. Me3_normal jamespoling @danawhiteufc How on earth could 3 judges score that fight for Machida? Shogun was robbed. Please avoid Cali if that’s the judges they have 34 minutes ago from Tweetie
  9. Frankenstein_normal the_sofa_king Shogun was robbed I say. I bet a parlay of all underdogs and was on my way to a 3000 dollar payday until that terrible decision 35 minutes ago from web
  10. Strongandfitpromo_normal StrongandFit @danawhiteufc Shogun was robbed. Get new judges. 40 minutes ago from web
  11. Default_profile_1_normal twitbenj SHOGUN WAS ROBBED! 42 minutes ago from web
  12. Default_profile_2_normal MadFlavas Watched UFC 104 today… shogun was robbed about 1 hour ago from web
  13. _mg_9343copyedit_normal trevorshirk Worst. Decision. Ever. Shogun was robbed. about 1 hour ago from web
  14. L2ec1e3d4a1213876702909_normal Jared8908 UFC was a joke tonight. Shogun got robbed! about 1 hour ago from web
  15. Default_profile_0_normal chriryan85ryan pissed shogun was robbed no more going too california stay in nevada about 1 hour ago from web
  16. __capitol_records_normal trustingdragon @KevinI I agree with you, Kevin. Shogun seemed to be the victor. He was robbed. about 1 hour ago from web
  17. Img_0798_normal Krysis_ I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again: Shogun was robbed. about 1 hour ago from twidroid
  18. Dsc00273_normal georgiepourgie @danawhiteufc u must be fixing up for a big fight down the line cause Shogun was robbed! I adore Machida but he didn’t deserve the win about 1 hour ago from web
  19. Default_profile_0_normal BeNeeZy Shogun was ROBBED!!!! Shogun IS THE REAL LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! … http://lnk.ms/46W7q about 1 hour ago from MySpace
  20. Me16_normal 916Chris Thought UFC 104 was a really good ppv with a great, tactical main event. That said Shogun won and was robbed of a victory by the judges imo about 1 hour ago from web
  21. ElBoberino @joerogandotnet Watched the game at my friends place. You could hear shouts from the other apts when Machida won. 2 minutes ago from Twitterrific
  22. Twitterprofilephoto_normal Prizzy11 O well everyone! Machidawon“,what can we do about it??? 4 minutes ago from web
  23. Rr_normal megatronshawn Its Over, Machida Won. And Everyone Is Pissed. Even Machida Knew he Lost. 5 minutes ago from web
  24. Img00827-20090607-2242_normal WhittniBubbles Machida won! Woot! Woot! 5 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
  25. Alt_head_shot_normal SimpleManJess Machida lost but won – Fightlinker – MMA, UFC, and other funny … http://bit.ly/IBtYB 9 minutes ago from twitterfeed
  26. Ghost489 WoW that ufc fight was not what i expected….im a huge Machida fan but Shogun won that fight!! 9 minutes ago from mobile web
  27. N11505085_32995246_8851_normal TheKingOfZing Glad that Machida won… pumped for UFC 106 and 107… Going to bed now… Peace out. 11 minutes ago from web
  28. Photo_126_normal cscbmx rigged, I don’t want to see a rematch, shogun Won, machida does deserve that…………………. 12 minutes ago from web
  29. Moscow_normal Mikey2004 @Rachelle_Leah shogun won it. I fail to see how machida won 3 rounds 12 minutes ago from Echofon
  30. Republican-hip-hop_normal TheRepublican86 Says “evrybody knew who won 2nite,SHOGUN! Even da crowe expressed der opinion. Dey booooed Machida and applauded SHOGUN!” FACT! 13 minutes ago from txt
  31. Photo_2_normal sirshan Machida won. Lets face it…if the champ didnt get ko’d or submitted, he won. Punished him yes…win, not really. No belt, no win. LOL!!!!! 14 minutes ago from Tweetie
  32. Jake_normal Stehlik2 No way Machida should have won tonight! 15 minutes ago from web
  33. Default_profile_5_normal apsmithjr I watched the IFC fight, and rua got screwed. machida didn’t even think he won. How do all judges score the same? Something was rotten. 16 minutes ago from Twitterrific
  34. Music_normal HoneyPie440 And Machida won!!!!! 20 minutes ago from web
  35. Kai2_normal Karl_Tan_Ipong maybe shogun won that fight by score but i think he should knock machida out first to be considered as the champ.. 23 minutes ago from web
  36. August_25__2009_-_facebook_-_090_normal ryanglancy lyoto machida and cain velasquez both win. one called a little early and the other just a little lucky. either way, glad they both won. 25 minutes ago from web
  37. Alex_is_the_man_normal JamMasterAlex Machida won and so did I ; well five bucks about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter
  38. Me_4_normal naughty_nick @danawhiteufc #UFC104 Machida Vs. Shogun.. Possibly the best fight of the year!! What a screwjob decision, Shogun had that fight won!! about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter
  39. Meg_me_and_em_normal DerekWinsick WOW Shogun really won the fight it was either 49-46 him or I can see 48-47 Shogun not 48-47 Machida he did nothing to win that fight about 2 hours ago from web
  40. 3059396017_fab02156e9_m_normal slaloms Wow…Machida…really? Shogun shoulda won that one. about 2 hours ago from Echofon
  41. Ghost489 WoW that ufc fight was not what i expected….im a huge Machida fan but Shogun won that fight!! 9 minutes ago from mobile web

End of sample tweets.


Machida Era Is Over: Shogun knocks out Machida at UFC 113 (Cyberaxis)

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Alistair Overeem (PRIDE 33, 2/24/07)

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Why UFC 104 with Machida vs Jackson would have eclipsed UFC 100

Enter The Dragon:The UFC coming of a Shotokan wunderkind named Lyoto Machida.

Enter The Dragon:The UFC coming of a Shotokan wunderkind named Lyoto Machida.

Until the Friday morning of June 5, 2009, the much anticipated Machida-Jackson matchup in UFC 104 had been sending out Jurassic Park tremors felt and seen even by little old ladies sipping tea in Bayou trailer parks.  The reason for the techtonic  “thump, thump, thump” heard around the world, had not been some Jurassic Park monster, but a Shotokan wunderkind named Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. His showdown with Quinton Jackson for the UFC light heavyweight championship would have roiled the masses, and made Mir vs Lesnar look like an undercard of a three-month fight card …. if you get our drift.

This tantalizing scenario was a distinct possibility until that Friday morning  when the equally earth-shaking announcement was made that the much anticipated fight would not happen.  Reason? Well,  nobody really knows the real reason except Quinton Jackson and Dana White. The story that is being fed the masses is that it was Quinton Jackson who made the final decision to nix the Machida-Jackson title fight in favor of fighting the loser of UFC 98. In other words he was chosing to fight a dethroned gadabout, Rashad Evans instead of the man who had handed him his head in UFC 98  which would stand him a chance of winning back his light heavyweight belt. Makes sense? No?

Well, don’t try too hard because very little makes sense here.  The first problem has to do with Quinton Jackson himself  who is less than convincing when he tries to tell the world why he is choosing to fight a loser. Locker room humor is no substitute for telling the truth:


Money? Settling a personal score? Jackson sounds like he is dissembling here. The best he stands to win from this is a bit of  PPV chump change (if you buy his arguments)  but this would really be coming at the expense of whatever credibility he has had as a fighter and career strategist.  We believe Jackson when he says that he isn’t afraid of Machida but we also know that he knows he cannot beat Machida at this point in time – which could “splain” the business calculus that went into this.  So the fans who are suspicious of his motives when he bobs, ducks and weaves around the question of dodging Machida, are not as crazy as he would like the world to believe. Jackson’s attempt to pooh pooh the fans’ skepticism just pits his shaky credibility against thousands of fans.

Despite the power and mofo swagga, did Jackson blink when faced with the prospect of an almost certain defeat at the hands of Lyoto Machida?

Despite the power and mofo swagga, did Jackson blink when faced with the prospect of an almost certain defeat at the hands of Lyoto Machida?

The truth may very well be that Jackson is trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame here; The  same 15 minutes that would be eclipsed by a lopsided loss to Machida. Losses at certain junctures of a fighter’s life can create a tricky slippery slope. Just ask Chuck Liddell, or Wanderlei Silva for that matter. The damage can be perceptual, mental, financial or a deleterious combination of all of the three. Talking about which, watch Rashad Evans trying to dig himself out from the deep hole Machida left him in at UFC 98. Existing perceptions of him aside, Evans comes across in that video as a sympathetic, down to earth contender who is willing to shuck former octagon theatrics and eat crow where he deserves to eat crow; a situation which kind of takes the air out of Jackson’s contention that he is fighting Evans for “getting in his face” after his fight with Jardine.

Mauricio Rua will now take Jackson’s place in the Machida/Rua fight at UFC 104 in Los Angeles. This fight will just not pack as much of a media and emotional wallop as  Machida/Jackson fight would have. The argument that Jackson’s grudge against Rashad Evans took precedence over winning back his light heavy-weight title is just plain hooey. Rashad, especially after Machida, doesn’t even have the makings of a worthy arch rival. Forget about that staged confrontation following UFC 92. It was tripe and bad acting straight from the cheesiest Vince McMahon playbook.

Message in a bottle: We will probably never know what went on behind the scenes to bring about the delay of the Machida/Jackson fight, but it certainly wasn’t  good for MMA. While it may conceivably be good for the “green core” (read that dollars and cents), it certainly isn’t good for the “hard core” which is the spirit of MMA. This smacks too much of the decisions that brought about the inexplicable ascendance of Brock Lesnar to the top of the heavyweight division.  Such decisions breed skepticism and make fans step back the way some boxing fans stepped back from Don King and company when the management and promotional jinks just got funkier and funkier. What this means in practical terms  to  UFC 104  for example, is that some fans who may have shelled out $45 for Pay Per View or flown to Los Angeles for the actual Machida/Jackson fight will either settle for seeing it in a local sports bar or read about it on the internet.

What this also portends for the more perceptive fans is that the UFC is a phenomenon that should be enjoyed from a safe tactical distance; which in practical termsmeans is not falling for every piece of hype and tripe of UFC. This way, they get to keep their wits about them, not to mention their money.

The fact of the matter is that UFC does not really need this crazy baggage … or taint. We hope the Fertitta brothers are reading this and someone talks to Dana White about keeping things on the up and up.

By way of background to an increasingly convoluted story, Lyoto Machida is  the Shotokan specialist who punched out Rashad Evans in spectacular fashion at UFC 98 and set the MMA world a-flutter with talk of  a new “Machida Era.” Hype or triumph? Read up on the buzz and decide for your self. And just to clear some people’s wilful cobwebs, it was Dana White himself who averred that Jackson would be the first to take a shot at Machida’s title.  He accented to this  at the post-UFC 98 press conference:

To be fair, he did not say where or when the fight would happen, but he did mention that it would coincide with the first defence of Machida’s title,  which would make it UFC 104.  Now given that admission, it stretches credibility to a breaking point that the final word on the fight would be left to someone as external to the management loop as Quinton Jackson.

Jackson is to Machida what Rua will never be: No man is invincible, but Machida looks impressive right about now. His last two wins have established him as an uber technician who combines speed with power and accuracy in ways that are unprecedented in MMA. (Check out “The Machida Era Begins” by Richard Hubbard at Nokaut)

After his impressive win over Evans, his seventh  in the UFC, Machida is now set to face fellow compatriot Mauricio Rua whose aggressive stand-up is a clear foil to his counter-striking style.  While from a technical standpoint,  the fight has the potential of igniting jaw-dropping pyrotechnics, it just doesn’t pack the same wallop on an stylistic and iconographic level.  While the outcome of a Machida-Jackson fight was a foregone conclusion, it still made for a more intriguing fight than Machida vs Rua will ever be.  And the reason has to do with what Machida vs Jackson represented (The old vs the new with a tinge of the corn-fed vs the range-fed rivalry, if you get our drift.)

Jackson, a tough-as-nails Pride vet  who brings a Tysonesque frenzy to the octagon would have been a perfect foil to Machida; a martial artist whose will o’ wisp elusiveness is only matched by his blinding speed.  The two fighter’s physical stats are almost identical. However Machida’s  speed and south-paw/back leaning style would have created serious problems for Jackson. Very few fighters have figured out how to deal with Machida’s extended  “event horizon.” He creates it by a spring-loaded left foot that is always cocked on a hair trigger. The quick retraction of that foot upon devastating impact may be one of the secrets behind the Machida mojo. He retracts it to create tactical distance as well as regain balance in almost zero time. It is this very  foot that took the air out of  Evans before  Machida moved in  for the coup de grace.  (That short video clip will be studied for years to come.)

Jackson’s problem would not only have been his vulnerability to kicks ( four of his seven losses have been due to knees and kicks), but his lack of speed in and outside of the clinch zone. Jackson would have been a conventional fighter in a fight that would have been anything but conventional. His 30 fights would have been nothing but an open book for Machida to study and dissect before stepping into the ring to blow his head off. Jackson would have been a sitting duck short of bringing something  new to the octagon; a prospect which would have been as unlikely as his victory. Perhaps more than anything, Jackson’s bull-headedness would have stood to do him in quicker than Machida’s “fists of fury.”

MMA ground zero for UFC104: The Staples Center in Los Angeles will the focus of media attention in September 2009.

UFC104 at the Staples Center in September 2009 down-graded to a shootout between fellow Brazilians Machida and Rua. This fight card, while good, will not lead to the PPV Lolapalooza that Jackson vs Machida would have garnered.

UFC 104 with Machida vs Jackson would have clearly overshadowed UFC 100 by a long shot. Pay Per View would have gone through the roof because of people clamoring to see how the newest kid on the block was gonna put a Shotokan kibosh on one of MMA’s toughest muthas. The dojo vs the mean streets. Brilliant!

Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar is gonna be big in its own right, but there is a relative limit to how big it can get because of what it represents; namely more of the same. Machida vs Jackson would have been different; the charge of the new light brigade versus the old …. and  all on a tab and timetable that would have pleased MMA fans to no end.  After the Brock Lesnar fandango, Dana White at least owed MMA fans that much.

The fair breeze blew,
The white foam flew,
The furrow followed free;
We were the first that ever burst
Into that silent sea.
Samuel Coleridge Taylor
(Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner)

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Comparative Tale O’ Tape & Info: Source Wikipedia


Nickname The Dragon
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 205 lb (93 kg)
Reach 74.0 in (188 cm)[1]
Nationality Japanese-Brazilian
Born May 30, 1978 (1978-05-30) (age 31)
Fighting out of Belém, Brazil
Town of birth Salvador, Brazil
Team/Association Black House
Primary fighting style Shotokan karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sumo[2


Nickname Rampage
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st)
Reach 75 in (190 cm)[1]
Nationality American
Born June 20, 1978 (1978-06-20) (age 30)
Fighting out of Irvine, California
Town of birth Memphis, Tennessee
Team/Association Wolfslair MMA Academy
Primary fighting style Boxing, Wrestling


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None dare call it holyball: A sly ode to volleyball … or is it Baal?


And the Lord God spake unto Adam saying,

Hearken unto the word of the Lord oh son of man

For it shall come to pass in the last days

When your  children’s children, and their children after them

Have settled in a land far from these scepter’d isles

That they will form a game after mine own name;

And ply  it with a  leathern orb

Made of calf-skin and woven thread.

But they will not call it holy

Lest I  smite them  with disease and pestilence

Because I, the Lord God, alone am Holy.


But a time will come when their children’s children,

And their children after them

Will hail the orb as a leathern  god;

Made of calf skin, gall bladder and woven thread

While prancing in the sun like the heathens whom I despise.

Yea, in due time they will carry on like  loons

Cavorting  butt nekkid in  the sand and the sun

While smoking incense and myrrh from ungodly chalices

Like  heathens unto  Baal and graven images of Baal.

Did I say Baal?


Yes, your children’s children and their children after them

Will do all these things,

But they will not hail the leathern orb as holy

Lest I  smite them  with disease and pestilence

Because I, the Lord God alone am Holy.


And Adam rent his rainments before the  Lord

And prayed that the day would not come,

When his children’s children,

And their children after them,

Would hail the leathern orb as holy Baal

Lest the Lord smite them with disease and pestilence

Because He alone  is Holy.


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None dare call it holy: The leathern orb made of calfskin and woven thread.

None Dare Call It Holyball … or is it Baal: Play thing or quasi-religious artifact for sun-dazed lunatics? The leathern orb made of calfskin, bladder and woven thread.

Breath-taking Form: A femme stud showcases the quintessence of attack at the Beach Volleyball Classic Weymouth Dorset in England. (Photo from www.livethenews.com)

Airborne Love at the Beach: Now that looks positively godly – A pro volleyball spiker  showcases the quintessence of  (attack) form at the Beach Volleyball Classic at Weymouth Dorset in England. (Photo from http://www.livethenews.com)

A little bit of heaven under the sun at the Beach Volleyball Classic Weymouth Dorset in England (www.livethenews.com)

Waiting for Godot in the sand: Serve receive form at the Beach Volleyball Classic at Weymouth Dorset in England (www.livethenews.com)

Another Day At The Beach: Signals that smoke men's minds. A pro volleyball player signals blocking intent to her partner.(Pic from www.livethenews.com)

Digital cues and signs that smoke men’s minds: A pro volleyball player signals blocking intent to her serving partner. (Pic from http://www.livethenews.com)

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