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Dana White vs Anderson Silva: White’s threat to fire Silva crosses a line

Dana White’s  threat to fire Anderson Silva from the UFC in the wake of UFC 112 went way over the top.  Period and close quotes. It doesn’t matter that Dana may have been riffing off Anderson Silva’s  post-fight apology.  The bottom line is that there is a difference between Anderson saying that he is sorry for not putting on the best show for fans and Dana White saying he will fire or to use Dana’s phrase “cut him” if he ever fights like that again. Say what Darth?

(If the YouTube clip below has transmigrated to regions unknown, please Google it using the search term: Dana White threatens to fire Anderson Silva on Jim Rome Show.)

We at Cyberaxis think White may have been carried away by a moment here (see the video above); the locker-room  rah-rah-chest-thumpin’ with Jim Rome.  But then  Jim Rome is  a talking head who  riffs  off of his brain stem and  thrives on this kind of s*it; this rabble rousing.  Dana White should have known that. The end result of the cave-banging? Dana trying to show off the size of his spiked club – the one he hunts wooly-mastodons with – instead of  articulating an a well thought out position.  Foreign territory? Well, it shouldn’t because Dana’s statement really amounted to management by public statement which  is ill-suited for the organization the UFC has evolved into nationally and internationally.  Testosterone-driven dialogue is rarely good except on the  gridiron or in jock- infested locker rooms.

The 64 million dollar question is whether Dana White will adapt  to the pressure for the UFC to become more buttoned-down or will he get chastised by circumstance?  Place your bet on the latter because as hard as it may be to imagine at this point, the UFC (and MMA of which it is emblematic in  compressed space-time) is bigger than the face of its enterprising lights. Translation: The UFC and MMA are bigger than Dana White – a truism to some, but not all – especially when one is fixated on the moment and its momentary distortions.  The Fertittas,  or other pretenders to the MMA throne, are not  stay in the shadows forever.

Dana White

Dana White: Management by press statement gone awry?

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