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Microsoft Lauren seems to be M.I.A.

In the wake of a mini-fire storm about her creds, Lauren De Long‘s place in Microsoft advertising seems to have been taken by a couple of  teeny boppers with no S.A.G. credentials. The fake element – as in hair and supposed customer credentials has been removed, but not the ad itself which employs the same old  script, same Best-Buy-like locale and same rationale for trying to bash Apple. Good luck!

It looks like someone at Microsoft has been reading the blogsphere; hence the dropping of Microsoft Lauren. But as usual, the genii in Redmond are bull-headedly refusing to ditch the whole campaign. This kind of reminds us of how Microsoft holds onto flawed products …. like the Zune for example: A wanna-be iPod Killer that has become the butt of late night jokes. Some things will never change.